Sunday Summary #106


1.New Year sparkles 2.Anchorman 3.Margaritas at Illegal Jack's 4.Die Hard with a Vengeance and the last day of the Christmas tree

Hello! Hope you had fun celebrating the new year, and have all just about recovered by now! I spent Hogmanay with some of my best blogger pals and we saw in the bells amidst homemade cocktails, party food, great chat, a bit of Cranium and, of course, a wee rendition or two of Auld Lang Syne. Thanks very much to Kirsty for being our hostess with the mostess (and once again apologies go out to the poor DVD shelf which I seemed to take a disliking to haaa - the less said about this part of the night the better!). Needless to say, after sambuca-laced cocktails and tequila shots in the pub (amongst many, many, many other things) I was rendered completely immobile the next day and had to spend most of it asleep/trying to drink some Lucozade/lying perfectly still in a dark room/purposefully avoiding reading any texts from the night before. From what I remember it was a pretty great night though!

I was still feeling pretty ropey on the 2nd, so decided to take it easy and headed to the cinema in the evening to see the new Anchorman film. I loved the first Anchorman film (who doesn't?) so was pretty excited to see this - although I didn't have particularly high expectations as sequels are quite often a bit rubbish. I was pleasantly surprised though, it definitely wasn't as good as the first one but had plenty of bits that kept me laughing throughout. "I'M BLLLLLLIIIIIIIIND".

My best pal was up visiting for a few days, so on Friday evening we went out for some dinner at one of my favourite places, Illegal Jack's. Can't beat a good pulled pork burrito! We also shared a huge pitcher of margaritas which was pretty excellent, before heading back to the flat for some more homemade cocktails. I was sensible this time, though, and didn't drink all that much so even after dancing the night away I managed to wake up without a hangover the next morning. Result! I still had a massively lazy day on Saturday though, which mostly involved lazing in bed and watching Die Hard films. I'm going to have to take the Christmas tree down later this afternoon, so thought I'd make the most of a nice cosy festive flat before it all gets put away!

What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x


  1. Sounds like you had quite an eventful NYE!

  2. Sounds like a lot! :) I've been enjoying a break & working on business mostly :)
    Hope you are well!
    xo Zie Darling

  3. Happy New Year lovely! You've been so busy Gillian! I've spent most of my past week lazing around, sorting out between jobs-ness and er, eating a lot! xx


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