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I've been meaning to do something like this for ages but, as with most things in my life, it got pushed to the bottom of the to-do list and I sort of forgot about it. The eagle eyed (eared?) amongst you might have spotted me mention this in the Best of 2013 video over on Lynne's channel, which has spurred me on to actually get on with it an make my very own map of Edinburgh. The thing I get asked about the most in tweets or emails is definitely Edinburgh, usually recommendations of places to go or things to do, so I thought it would be a great idea to have a map of all my favourite spots for you to browse through. As entertaining as Tripadvisor can be, I definitely think getting recommendations from real people is a much better way to find great new places. Isn't blogging wonderful?

The full map can be found over on the Elevatormusik's Map of Edinburgh page. If you click on a marker, it will tell you a little snippet about the venue, and the links in the description box will take you directly to my posts which have mentioned that venue. There's a mixture of all sorts of things on the map: shops, restaurants, bars, pubs, visitor attractions, museums, etc. etc. etc. Markers which have a little heart symbol on them denote my very favourite Edinburgh places, and I would especially recommend visiting these ones!

I'm hoping to do lots more Edinburgh posts on the blog this year, especially reviews of lots more restaurants and little day trips out around the city. As new posts go up on the blog, they'll also be added to the map so be sure to check back every so often for new recommendations.

The whole map thing is pretty new to me and I'm still doing little bits and pieces of editing, so if you notice any bugs then please do let me know!

I hope you enjoy having a wee browse through my favourite Edinburgh haunts!

Gillian x


  1. Perfect timing! I'm heading to Edinburgh for a few days next weekend so I'll definitely be plundering this for recommendations of good places to go :)

  2. Ooh, the Grain Store looks so nice! I missed a school trip to Edinburgh purely because they were going to Mary King's Close and some idiot took in a recording from when they slept in it for charity and showed us all the things they 'saw'. Never got over it...

  3. This is a brilliant idea, Gillian! Thanks for posting it.


  4. Gillian, this is awesome!! xx

  5. Ahh I love Dragonfly! This is a lovely little post that will be a must have for people visiting the city xo

  6. Ahh this is such a brilliant idea! I've been living in Edinburgh since August but still am so clueless about places to go so i can't wait to discover some of these places for myself :) xx



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