Sunday Summary #102


1.Christmas decorations 2.Woodland creatures 3.Bunny jumper 4.More decorations 5.Cosy leggings 6.Paper snowflakes (DIY post coming soon!)

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas over here! I put my Christmas tree up this week, and have been busy making some DIY festive decorations too. Usually my decorations are purple and silver, but this year I fancied something a bit more traditional and have gone for red and gold. I managed to find most of these on the Asda home delivery website, and got them delivered along with my groceries – not bad! I particularly like the gold glittery hearts, I think they were only £2 for a box of 6. I also love my little wooden decorations which I got at the Christmas market in Aberfeldy whilst I was there last weekend. There are a few different woodland creatures hidden away in there, including rabbits, owls, fawns and sparrows. Cuuuute!

Otherwise, this week has been pretty boring. I’ve spent most of the week in cosy jumpers and fluffy socks, attempting to be productive but mostly just watching Netflix and reading blogs. Next week looks like it’ll be a bit more exciting though, I’ve got the Scottish bloggers Christmas party on Tuesday evening through in Glasgowand then on Thursday I’m off to the Edinburgh Christmas market with some chums. I can’t wait, look how preeeeettttty it is. I also can’t wait for all the hot dogs, waffles, sweeties and hot chocolates I can possibly manage to eat whilst there. Mulled cider here I come!

What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x


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