Sunday Summary #101


1.Last ever day at university 2.The McEwan Hall at graduation 3.Officially a graduate (again) 4.Lobster at Ondine 5.A visit from Fly 6.Festive Victoria Street 7.Mulled cider in a country pub 8.Aberfeldy

Well this has been a super busy but pretty brrrrrilliant week. I'm currently typing this up on the train back to Edinburgh after a lovely weekend away in the Highlands. I haven't had a chance to have a look at my camera yet, but hopefully I'll have a few decent photos and will be able to write up a whole post about it! I was staying in Aberfeldy with a few of my favourite blogging chums, and we spent the weekend playing board games, making homemade cocktails, chatting into the wee small hours and eating lots and lots of food.

I had my graduation ceremony for my Masters on Tuesday so my parents were down for the week. My grandparents and my brother came down for the graduation itself and we all went out for a meal at Passorn in the evening. They went home the next day but my mum and dad (and the dogs!) stayed until Friday. On Wednesday we went for some cocktails at The Dragonfly followed by dinner at Ondine which was rather nice - pretty good when the parents are paying! After fixing my TV (thanks pa!) and having a pretty lazy day, on Thursday night we went to Mezbaan. It's really close to my flat but this was the first time I'd been in. I wouldn't say I'm a huuuge fan of Indian food, but this was so so good - would definitely recommend! I had a mango and chicken curry which was delish, and we all shared various spicy breads and side dishes too.

Despite having done very little all weekend I'm feeling pretty exhausted now - having fun really takes it out of you, eh? I'm off for a hot date with Netflix now, must admit I'm a little bit more excited about that than I really should be.

What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x


  1. amazing pics!

  2. congrats on the graduation :) the food looks yum. x

  3. Congratulations on graduating lovely!

    Jennie xo |


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