Watching Lately #5


1. The Walking Dead
If you haven't heard of The Walking Dead before, then you really must have been living under a rock for the past two or three years. The fourth series of the zombie apocalypse drama started a few weeks ago, and once again I've been reeled in. Quite a lot of this show tends to be slow moving with not a lot happening, then it'll suddenly hit you with something massively intense and dramatic, and you've just got to keep watching to find out what happens. This season seems to be a bit more "bitty" than previous ones as there are a few different storylines running parallel to each other, but I quite like that (even though it does mean not so much screen time for my bby Daryl). One thing The Walking Dead is really good at is creating characters which you feel attached to in one way or another; there have been numerous characters which I've started off loving and ended up hating, or vice versa. I do wish they'd get rid of Carl though, he is the WORST.

2. The Raven
The Raven is a semi-factual (although, largely fictional) film which sees Edgar Allan Poe (John Cusack) working together with the Baltimore Police to catch a serial killer who is basing his murders on Poe's poems and stories. The film isn't intended to be biographical, so as long as you go into it knowing that it's almost entirely made up, you'll probably enjoy it. It takes known facts from the last few weeks of Poe's life and weaves them into a sort of action/horror/mystery tale which sees Poe, arguably the creator of the modern detective story, involved in one himself. I love a good period murder mystery, and this one had the added bonus of some literary references. I loved the setting and how it was shot too, very Sleepy Hollow-esque. It's not the best movie I've ever seen, but I certainly enjoyed watching it and would recommend it if you like this sort of thing.

3. The Carrie Diaries
I was never really a big Sex and The City fan, but I thought I'd give The Carrie Diaries a go and, erm, I kind of love it. The show follows the adventures of a teenage Carrie Bradshaw, mostly at high school in the suburbs and at her internship in Manhattan. The AnnaSophia Robb incarnation of Carrie is infinitely less annoying than the Sarah Jessica Parker version, and you don't require any previous knowledge of SATC to understand and enjoy The Carrie Diaries (although there are some obvious nods, like drinking Cosmos and using her oven for shoe-storage, which even I picked up on). It's pretty much a straightforward teen comedy drama, with plenty of dilemmas about friends, boys, parties and the like - not the most high-brow genre, but I must admit I have a huge soft spot for it. I also love that it's set in the 80s and features lots of 80s music (and modernised 80s fashions); definitely my favourite era.

4. Filth
And now, on a completely different note, we have Filth. I finally managed to see this on the very last day it was on at the cinema and I'm so glad I got round to it. I hadn't read the novel before so wasn't really familiar with the story, but was expecting it, for obvious reasons, to be pretty similar to Trainspotting. Whilst there are definitely comparisons between the two, I think I liked Filth a lot more (soz Trainspotting, I love you too). It's much more of a comedy, albeit a dark one, and I found myself laughing out loud in the cinema quite a few times throughout the film. It had a very "Scottish" sense of humour; I'm not sure if non-Scots would find it quite so hilarious? Either way, James McAvoy was fantastic as the morally questionable and mentally unstable policeman, Bruce Robertson.

What have you been watching lately?

Gillian x


  1. Okay, I NEED to check out the Raven! I saw commercials for it a while ago and thought "hmm, this looks interesting" and then completely forgot about it haha. And I love love love the Carrie Diaries! I am a sucker for absolutely anything 80's, so of course this one won me over right away ;)

    Great picks!

    xx -b.

  2. Oh, and lately I've been watching the Originals! It's the Vampire Diaries spin-off and, dare I say...infinitely better? I love this show and the fact that it is completely void of all teenage drama! Plus, Klaus is such a bad ass I think I'm in love ;)

    xx -b.

  3. Hmm too many to name - Agents of Shield through to Modern Family, Parks and Rec and binge watching Bomb Girls.

  4. I love The Walking Dead, I also get irritated by Carl!
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  5. Hmm, I think I'd check out The Raven; I love a good horror/thriller show. I love TWD but I hate the Governor! I've been watching Modern Family, Glee, New Girl and Vampire Diaries. I can't wait for Pretty Little Liars to come back on.

  6. We've just watched all three series of walking dead in three weeks, love it! We're now all caught up though and have to wait a whole week for next episode!!!

  7. I'm loving walking dead at the mo. Daryl is the best. I have also been watching the carrie diaries but am not completely caught up - I just can't get over the fact that this carrie turns into the sex and the city carrie - so sad! lol :) x


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