Sunday Summary #98


1.Grand piano at Urban Bar & Brasserie 2.Happy birthday from Google 3.Wayfarers

Happy Sunday! How has your week been? Mine's been fairly uneventful - although I am cheating slightly and writing this on Friday night instead of Sunday! I'll be through in Glasgow for Morag's birthday celebrations this weekend and won't get home until quite late on Sunday so thought I'd get my post written up now - I'm soooo close to having done 100 Sunday Summaries in a row, didn't want to fall at the last hurdle!

Speaking of birthdays, it was my birthday on Thursday. I didn't really do anything, but it was actually quite nice just having a quiet day - especially as I had my Halloween party last weekend, an evening out on Wednesday, and then more partying this weekend. I think it's definitely a sign I'm getting old that I don't really care about birthdays any more! I am, however, determined to spend my birthday money on something nice for myself rather than rent or food. It's been quite a while since I bought any new makeup or skincare so I think I'll treat myself to some of that; any suggestions of what I should get?

On Wednesday I got the train through to Glasgow with some blogger chums to go to a menu launch at Urban Bar and Brasserie. We were treated to some food and cocktails whilst we chatted away and listened to the swing band playing some tunes. I'd never been to Urban before but it was nice and close to Queen Street Station which was pretty handy, especially when it came to getting the train home at the end of the night! Being an Edinburgh girl, I'm not really very familiar with many Glasgow restaurants, but I think Morag has plans to take us all somewhere this evening so I'm looking forward to trying out another Glasgow eatery!

What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x


  1. My boyfriend would love that piano!

  2. Happy belated birthday! I was super excited when Google said happy birthday too :D

    Maria xxx


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