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A couple of months ago a lovely little parcel from Antipodes dropped through my letter box, and I couldn't wait to try out the Juliet Skin-Brightening Gel Cleanser. I'd had my eye on some Antipodes products for ages, and Juliet was top of my list as I had heard lots of good things about both the product and the brand. I like that Antipodes use lots of natural ingredients and plant extracts; when it comes to skincare, I definitely think it's a case of the simpler the better.

Juliet is a light, gel-based cleanser which can be used morning and night to keep skin clean, healthy and glowing. It's best for normal and oily skin types, so it's perfect for my combination skin. I don't like using cleansers which feel too heavy or creamy (especially in the mornings when I don't have any makeup to remove), so this gel formula is exactly the sort of cleanser I like best. It also smells amaaaazing - pretty much exactly like those Swizzels Matlow Double Lollies! It's packed full of ingredients like manuka honey, kiwi, vinanza grape and hibiscus extract which not only smell great, but help to look after your skin too. Juliet contains mild exfoliating extracts to make skin look clean and clear, and the manuka honey acts as an antibacterial ingredient which keeps skin blemish-free. I wouldn't say my skin has been completely blemish-free since using this, but it definitely has been much more under control lately and when I do get break outs they don't seem to hang around as long as they used to.

It does remove makeup, but it's not amazing at doing so - however, I much prefer to remove my makeup first (usually with a micellar water or Estee Lauder Take It Away Makeup Remover) and then use my cleanser to actually cleanse. After removing my makeup, I dampen my face with warm water and then massage Juliet (ha) onto my skin in circular motions. The cleanser lathers up nicely, but doesn't get super foamy which makes it nice and easy to work with. Antipodes suggest using a damp cloth to remove the cleanser, but as I'm super lazy I usually just use a couple of splashes of warm water which does the trick. Afterwards, my skin feels nice and refreshed, and not at all tight or "squeaky clean" which I hate. I usually follow it up with a toner and moisturiser, and sometimes also use a serum or overnight mask. My routine in the morning is basically the exact same, but without having to remove my makeup first. I love that the Juliet Cleanser is light enough to use in the mornings, but still heavy-duty enough to make you feel refreshed at the end of the day - definitely makes life easier being able to use the same products for both daily routines.

At £24.99 for 200ml, Juliet is definitely within the high end rather than the high street price bracket, but I think it's pretty good value. I've been using it almost exclusively as both my morning and evening cleanser for nearly 3 months now, and I've only just reached the top of the label. Due to the natural active ingredients, it's recommended that you use the bottle within 6 months but I think this bottle would definitely last me another couple of months after that - although it might not be as potent as it originally was. Either way, it's long-lasting, good value and the positive results definitely seem worth the money.

I really love the Antipodes Juliet Cleanser and I think it's a great everyday product. It helps to keep my skin in check and whilst I do still get some pesky spots, overall my skin seems brighter and clearer since I've been using this.

Have you tried the Antipodes Juliet Cleanser?

Gillian x


  1. This sounds pretty interesting. My skin is getting really dry this winter (it usually doesn't) but still has spots popping up - this sounds like something that could be a good balance to add some moisture but not clog pores. xx

  2. This sounds like I need to get a-hold of this pronto!

    Maria xxx

  3. I'd really like to try this at some point, I'm making a huge effort to use up other things beforehand but this is certainly one I'll be picking up in the future.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing


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