Watching Lately #4


1. The Mindy Project
The return of autumn also means the return of lots of my favourite TV programmes, The Mindy Project being just one of which has begun a new series recently. The show follows the escapades of Mindy Lahiri (Mindy Kaling), an Ob/Gyn doctor balancing life, love and work in New York City. You'll probably recognise Mindy as Kelly Kapoor from The Office, and her character this time is kind of like a slightly more intelligent and grown up version of Kelly. The Mindy Project doesn't take itself too seriously and has plenty of hilarious quotable one-liners which stops it from moving too far into rom-com-sitcom territory. Even though my personality is completely different from Mindy's, I can see a lot of myself in her character - which is equal parts funny and worrying! I love Mindy (both the real life and fictional version) and think she's a pretty funny lady, I basically just want to be her pal.

2. Parks and Recreation
Another favourite returns, yay! Parks and Recreation is set in, you guessed it, the Parks and Recreation department of small town Pawnee's City Council and focuses on Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) and her merry assortment of co-workers. It's along the same lines as The Office but, as much as I love The Office, I think I might actually love Parks and Rec even more. Each one of the characters is funny in their own way, evening the supporting characters like Donna who don't have that much screen time. My favourite character is definitely Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) - he just gets me, you know? - and the beginning of this series brought with it my favourite Ron moment of all. Ron, hater of the "miserable socialist terrain of Northern Europe", was dragged to London and was most definitely not enjoying his European holiday, when Leslie organised a secret trip for him to Scotland where he sampled Lagavulin and read Rabbie Burns. Honestly brought a wee tear to my eye; Scotland and Ron Swanson are two of my most favourite things! Even if those aren't two of your favourite things, watch Parks and Rec anyway because it is hilarious.

3. Community
Whilst I was in the final stages of my dissertation, I needed something to marathon during study breaks (and by "study breaks" I mean 80% of my day). I decided to start watching Community, which I'd heard a few people mention but it was never one that had immediately caught my attention. Set in a community college, the programme follows a study group who are thrown together by chance, but throughout the four seasons end up becoming firm friends. Community definitely is funny and I enjoyed watching it, but I liked it rather than loved it. I felt there were too many "stand alone" episodes (like the one where they're claymation, the one where they're video game characters, etc etc etc) which got a bit annoying and too many recurring jokes that weren't hugely funny the first time, but I did warm to the characters and storylines as I watched more and more episodes. My favourite characters are definitely Troy and Abed (Troy and Abed in the moooooorning!), I loved their cute wee friendship. I'll definitely be watching the next series, but Community still hasn't made its way into my favourites.

4. The Roommate
You know when you're in the mood to watch something terrible and you know you'll enjoy it immensely? That's exactly how I was feeling when I watched The Roommate. It's one of those teen horrors/psychological thrillers which isn't actually scary in the slightest (think along the lines of Swimfan, Scream, Urban Legend etc.) and you're perfectly aware that it's a little bit rubbish but you enjoy it anyway. Well, I did anyway. Sara (Minka Kelly) has just moved into her college dorm and gets on well with her new roommate Rebecca (Leighton Meester). Other people begin to notice that something's not quite right with Rebecca, but Sara is blissfully unaware as Rebecca becomes a super-creep because she wants Sara to be her best pal. It's all very predictable and ridiculous, and the basic premise that she turns into a murderous sociopath because she stops taking her medication is a bit questionable. But I enjoyed it anyway as one of those watch-before-bed-so-I-don't-have-to-concentrate kind of films. Oh, and bonus appearances from Elena AND Bonnie from The Vampire Diaries!

What have you been watching lately?

Gillian x


  1. I love the first three so much! Currently on season 2 of P&R with my housemates and we love it so much.

  2. Parks and Rec is one of my favourite ever shows! I love it so much and it just makes me so, so happy. I want to be as wonderful as Leslie Knope and love my job as much as her when I find one! x

  3. Can't I've watched any of these shows, although I've noticed Parks and Rec repeats on the cable channels a lot lately. I've been watching a tonne of Modern Family reruns lately - laughter guaranteed with that show!

  4. I've never heard of any of these. Damn I need Netflix. The Roommate sounds really funny. I very rarely watch movies because I don't have a great attention span but I work best with things that are silly. I did start watching Breaking Bad though so I'm not so behind!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  5. Aww I love Mindy, have you read her book ''Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (and other concerns)''? It's so good! xxx

  6. I love The Mindy Project! I've been watching a lot of Orange is the new Black :)



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