Sunday Summary #95


1.Burgers at Bar Kohl 2.Breakfast feast at City Cafe 3.Ready for an evening of blogging fun in Glasgow 4.Popping Candy Margaritas at TGI Friday's 5.Cocktails at Hamilton's 6.Preparing for Halloween 7.Bed

I feel like a bit of a broken record, but I can't believe it's Sunday again - this has been another very busy but preeeetty lovely week. Since finishing my dissertation, I've been trying to make the most of having fun and hanging out with my pals before the inevitable 9 to 5 routine begins. I've got a job interview next week which I've really got my fingers crossed for, even though it might spell the end of weeknight cocktails and staying up til 3am.

This time last week, I braved the rain to go and have some cocktails with my fave Lauren who was up in Edinburgh for a few days. We went to Hamilton's in Stockbridge which I'd never been to before, but I was suitably impressed by their cocktail menu and managed to get through quite a few different ones. I hardly ever venture into the New Town but a couple of my friends are about to move into a new flat in Stockbridge, so I have a feeling I might be spending a lot more time there soon.

On Wednesday I went along to the cinema with a few of my blogger pals to see About Time. It's probably wouldn't have been the sort of film that I would have chosen by myself (I think I might be the only person in the world who actively dislikes Love Actually) but it came highly recommended by Lynsey so I thought I'd better give it a chance! I actually really enjoyed it and even had a wee tear in my eye at the end; it was nice that it was a a romcom without being too romcommy. I hadn't been to the cinema in moooonths, so it was nice to be reunited with a large box of popcorn (salted, of course) and an even larger Coke.

Then on Thursday it was time to head through to Glasgow for important blogger bizniz at the launch of The Hope. We were thoroughly spoiled with lots of nibbles and drinks, and it was great to catch up with everyone. I'll be doing a full post soon, so keep your eyes peeled for potato skins, mini burgers, pulled pork and chocolate cake galore! After things started to wind down at The Hope, we popped into TGI Friday's blogger event for a couple of quick cocktails which were pretty deeeelish. Everyone else was sensible and got the earlier train home, but Kirsty, Roisin and I were the last ones standing and made a very impromptu decision to have a night out...back in Edinburgh. So we raced over to Queen Street for the last train home, and headed back to my flat for a few quick drinks before heading out. Well, that was the plan anyway - we ended up chatting and playing drinking games all night and before we knew it, it was nearly 3am and we hadn't even left the flat yet! Despite not actually making it out, I had a great wee night; my head the next morning didn't agree with that however. We dragged ourselves out of bed for breakfast (erm, at 1 o'clock - still counts) at the City Cafe where we ordered mountains of food. I'd been in a couple of times for drinks/festival shows etc before but I'd never actually eaten at City Cafe before, despite hearing lots of good things. I wasn't disappointed, can't really go wrong with a huge cooked breakfast followed by a strawberry milkshake! I think I'll definitely be coming back another time when I'm slightly less hungover to sample some of the burgers on the menu.

Saturday was yet another day full of food, drinks and catching up with friends - it's a hard life, isn't it?! I went for lunch at Candy Bar for a long overdue catch up with one of my friends, followed by some shopping on Princes Street. I was good and didn't buy anything, although I had to restrain myself whilst we were browsing through the makeup counters in Jenners! By the time we finished shopping, it was almost time for me to go and catch up with Jenn, who I also hadn't seen for months and months. She had been over in Canada and America for the summer, so it was great to hear about her travels (and get a little present of some stateside beauty goodies - excitiiiing!) and catch up on all the blogging gossip that non-blogger friends just don't understand. We filled up on burgers and cocktails at Bar Kohl whilst chatting the evening a way; a pretty lovely end to a pretty lovely week.

Today I'm trying to catch up on all the chores, emails, phonecalls, blog posts and everything else that I was supposed to do this week and haven't had time to do yet. Although, so far I've only managed to sleep until lunch time and write up this one blog post. Ach well!

Gillian x


  1. That breakfast looks mega :) Good luck for you interview xx

  2. Thank you for allowing me to steal your spar ebed, and I also had an amazing night - must repeat at some point ;) Good luck for the interview!

  3. Love the lights around your bedhead :)

  4. I love the shot glasses! I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award:


  5. loving the look of all those yummy cocktails mmm x

  6. Looks like you've had a lovely few days, yay! <3

    Jennie xo |

  7. Good luck with your interview! :)x


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