Sunday Summary #94


1.Afternoon tea at Vintage Nation 2.Calton Hill from inside Prezzo 3.Mini burgers at The West Port 4.Duvet day after too much wine

I've been eagerly refreshing the 'Results' tab in my university account for a couple of weeks now, and a few days ago it finally updated itself with my dissertation results. I got a First which I am so, so pleased with - all those hours spent at the library and weekends trailing round villages taking photos of war memorials (yes, really) have paid off! My graduation ceremony isn't until the end of November so I've still got a while to wait before I'm officially no longer a student, but this was a pretty nice way to round off my university career (well, for now anyway... a PhD is seeming more and more tempting!).

This time last week I was at Vintage Nation at the Corn Exchange with some of the other Scottish blogger ladies. There were lots of vintages clothes, jewellery, accessories and homewares on offer; I managed to find myself a nice little 80s dress and a couple of necklaces to purchase. We couldn't resist some afternoon tea and after a verrrry long wait in the queue we tucked into some scones and cakes (complete with little flowers for decoration - pretty but not so tasty). We managed to spend all afternoon at the fair so by the time we got back into town it was time for yet more food! We went to Prezzo on North Bridge which I'd never been to before, but it was lovely inside and had a stunning view of Calton Hill which looked beaut with the sun beginning to set against it. We spent a good few hours chatting and eating as much food as humanly possible - not a bad way to spend a Sunday!

Then on Thursday it was time to catch up with the Scottish bloggers again (I swear, I see them more these days than I see my "real life" friends!), this time in Linlithgow at the West Port Hotel. I'll be doing a full post soon so won't give away too much just now, but the hotel has recently had a refurbishment and it looks lovely - plus the food was all amazing! I lost count of how many different courses we had, but there were sharing platters, mini tasters and plates of food galore. I also lost count of how many glasses of wine I had, the staff were very generous with their wine pouring! Needless to say, I spent most of Friday snuggled up in bed in a post-wine-and-food coma.

What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x


  1. I think I might still have a hangover from Thursday. Eeeeech xx

  2. congratulations on your first :)!

  3. Congratulations on the First Gillian, that's amazing!! :) Thursday night was so good, we were well and truly spoilt with all that food and wine :P xxx

  4. Congratulations on the first! Well done :)


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