Sunday Summary #92


1.Edinburgh rooftops from the Hotel Missoni suite 2.Getting ready for the festive season at the Hotel Missoni event 3.Cocktails at Bar Kohl 4.Food and drink at the Bristo Bar & Kitchen 5.Champagne cocktails at the Missoni event 6.Huge elephant skeletons at the University of Edinburgh Anatomy Museum for Doors Open Days 7.Cocktails at Lucky 7 in Glasgow 8.Tweet globe at the Mallzee launch party 9.Al fresco breakfast 10.Baby Fly is getting big!

This week seems to have been very very busy, but in the best possible way. The photos above are a fairly accurate representation of my life, lots of eating, drinking and doing blog-related stuff. On Monday quite a few of us headed over to the launch of the branch new Mallzee app (which you can read more about here), but not before we had stopped off at the Bristo Bar & Kitchen for some burgers and cocktails - of course. Then on Thursday, Jade and I went along to Hotel Missoni for an evening of cocktails, canapes and an introduction to their Christmas packages. I've been to the Missoni quite a few times now for blog-related events, and every time I've been so impressed with it - the decor is amazing, the food and drinks are delicious, and the staff are always great. During the event, we got to have a little tour of one of the suites and omgggg I didn't want to leave! As you would expect from Missoni, everything was decorated beautifully and every tiny detail had been thought of - and to top it all off, there were amazing views of Edinburgh from the huge windows. Sadly, as an Edinburgh resident, I don't often have the need to book a hotel in the city, but if you were visiting Edinburgh and fancied treating yourself to a stylish room I'd definitely recommend Hotel Missoni! We also got to have a little taster of some of the Christmas menu, which will be available from 29th November - prices start from just £27 for a three course meal, which I thought was very reasonable!

Yesterday evening, Lynne, Laura and I got the train through to Glasgow (complete with a couple of cocktails in a can, keepin' it classy) for a wee catch up with some of the other lovely Scottish blogger ladies (Lynsey, Paula, Roisin, Gill and Nikki) at Lucky 7. I love our wee Scottish blogging community and it's so nice to be able to see everyone a few times a month now that events and meet ups are happening much more regularly. Making new pals is definitely the thing I like best about blogging, especially when they worm their way in to become "real life pals" instead of "blogger pals" ;) - a few of us have even booked a wee holiday to the Highlands for November which I am SO looking forward to. If you've never been to any blog meet ups before then I can't urge you enough to do it - it's definitely a wee bit scary the first time you go but it's 100% worth it. Pretty much everyone I've met through blogging has been super lovely (as long as you like food and cocktails, you're welcome in the Scottish bloggers club aaaany time!) and it's nice to have a little group who sticks together and supports each other. This seems to have turned into a little ramble about how great my Scottish blogger pals are, but it's true, they're the best. Someone will no doubt be organising another casual meet up soon, so keep an eye on the #scottishbloggers hashtag and invite yourself along!

On Saturday I went out for the last of my Doors Open Days adventures (you can read about previous ones on the Doors Open Days blog). I went to the Anatomy Museum at the University of Edinburgh to look at some skeletons and dissections and stuff in jars. Nice! I've wandered past the museum entrance (and the huuuuge elephant skeletons!) once when I was accompanying my friend who was handing in an essay to the Biomedical Sciences department, but I'd never actually been in before so it was really interesting to be able to have a look around. I also sat in and listened to a little talk about the history of the Anatomy department and bodysnatching in Edinburgh - then went upstairs to have a look at William Burke's (of Burke and Hare fame) skeleton. I love creepy stuff, wish I'd had time to make it along to Surgeons' Hall too! This was the last weekend of Doors Open Days events, so I'll be finishing up my volunteering with them in a week or two. I've really enjoyed doing their social media and blogging and would love to find a full time job which combines my love of both Scottish history and blogging. Speaking of which, this week I set up a LinkedIn page in an attempt to get me a job - be my pal please?!

What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x


  1. Glad you had such a fab week darling :D I do agree scottish bloggers are a lovely bunch ;)

  2. It was so nice to see on Tuesday. I got an invite so Missoni on Thursday, if I hadn't gotten it such short notice I would have came to that as well! I had such a nice time at dinner with everyone. I hope get to see more Scottish bloggers more often because you guys are a great bunch!

    Water Painted Dreams

  3. Cocktails in a can.. we are definitely classy! xx

  4. Looks like a lovely do! I really want to brave up and go to some blogger meets in 2014.

    Bella . BELLAETC

  5. Edinburgh is so beautiful! Lovely photos.

    Katie |

  6. Oh man, Surgeon's Hall gave me the boak, big time. You'll need a strong stomach for that one!

  7. I love the full paragraph on how brilliant the HASHTAG SCOTTISHBLOGGERS community is, and I personally couldn't agree more ;) Doors open weekend is my fav <3

  8. Super late in catching this post, managed to totally miss it last week! It's so easy to go off on an ''I LOVE SCOTTISH BLOGGERS'' ramble - I find myself doing it now even in totally unrelated posts! xxx


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