Sunday Summary #84


1.Glasgow 2.Cake at Lovecrumbs 3.Throwback Thursday 4.Saturday Night 5.Calamari at Vittoria 6.Le Monde

I was expecting to be writing this post huddled up in my bed with several cans of Irn Bru and a very sore head, but I'm actually feeling pretty chipper today all things considered. It was my first 'proper' night out in ages; one of my friends is moving down to London to start a new job, so she had a a bit of a leaving do last night. First, we went for dinner at Vitorria and I had calamari for a starter followed by a huuuuge pizza. It was so good but I was stuffed by the time I got half way through - really wishing I had that other half of the pizza to nibble on right now! After dinner, we all taxied over to George Street for a few drinks at Le Monde before going out dancing. I had a great night with a few of my favourite pals, and I'm rather pleased that I'm not feeling the effects of it today!

I've mentioned a couple of times about a volunteership I'll be starting soon, and I had a meeting about it on Monday so now that it's all official I can tell you a little bit more about it. I'll be working for the Scottish Civic Trust on the social media, website management and PR for Doors Open Days. I'll mostly be involved in the social media side of things, and I'll also get to create a 'behind the scenes' blog about Doors Open Days and my experiences volunteering with the Trust. I don't start until the 19th August, but in a couple of weeks I will definitely be inundating you with links to go and follow the new blog, as well as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest! I would love to work for a heritage organisation when I'm grown up (which is, ermm, now) and since I've started blogging I've had more of an interest in the digital media side of things, so this will hopefully be a great opportunity to get some experience in the field I want to work in. I can't wait to start, just need to get this dissertation out of the way first!

On Friday I met up with Lianne for lunch. We've been meaning to have a "cake lunch" at Lovecrumbs for a while now but we both seem to have been busy bees lately. It was lovely to finally get round to it - plus this was my first visit to Lovecrumbs which was even more exciting! It has been on my to-visit list pretty much ever since it opened, but for some reason I've just never got round to it. It's only a couple of minutes away from my flat though, and the cakes were deeeelish, so I'll definitely have to go back soon. I had carrot cake with the creamiest cream cheese icing, plus a raspberry lemonade to wash it down with. Would definitely recommend it if you're in Edinburgh and in need of some refreshments. After we'd finished our cakes and had a bit of a catch up, we had a quick browse of the new Just G Boutique which is just down the road from Lovecrumbs. I maaay have bought myself a lovely new floral skirt (it was in the sale, so it doesn't count right?) which I'm sure will be making an appearance on the blog soon. There are so many nice little boutiques and vintage/antiques shops around the Grassmarket and West Port, I really need to make the effort to visit them more often.

What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x


  1. Oh gosh, that cake looks beyond yummy! I wish I had such a lovely cake shop close by, although I think my waist line is happy that there isn't!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.

  2. Love weekends like this. And cake! haha

    Kerry X

  3. I am extremely jealous of your lovecrumbs lunch! Need to meet up with you both when I get home!! xxxxx

  4. I love Vittorias, the food is always so yummy. I'm also very jealous of your cake lunch at lovecrumbs. That place looks fab but was one that I always just walked straight past. Regret it big time now! xx

  5. Beautiful photos... the cake looks delicious! Your volunteership sounds really interesting!

    Ellie |

  6. Fully agree that sale guys don't count! That calamari looks soooooooooo delicious x

  7. Great post! This looks good, Thanks for sharing!

    Brittany, xx


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