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Drink Up Hydrating Lip Balm in Pink Guava · £16*

I'm already a huge fan of Origin's Drink Up Intensive Mask for giving my skin a bit of TLC if it's feeling dry, so when I heard that there was a new lip balm version of this cult product I couldn't wait to give it a go. The lovely Origins team sent me the shade Pink Guava to review and I've been using it daily for the last couple of weeks - it's love! It helps to make your lips feel soft and smooth whilst you're using it, but I also think it's helping my lips feel a bit nicer in the long run too. It contains aloe vera to soothe, apricot kernel and avocado oil to nourish and hydrate, and orange peel, barley and wheat germ to protect against future dryness.

It comes in a traditional squeezy lip gloss style tube which is easy to use and is practical for throwing in your bag and taking out and about with you. When I think of "lip balm", I usually think of little pots or twist-up sticks, rather than something more akin to lip gloss. When first applied, the Drink Up Lip Balm does feel pretty similar to lip gloss, with a slightly tacky feeling, but it quickly settles in to your lips and begins to feel a bit more balmy rather than sticky. The hydrating qualities of this seem to be quite long-lasting too; it doesn't immediately rub off as soon as you eat or drink something, and I only feel the need to reapply it a couple of times during the day instead of every hour or so. When first applied, you get a slight tingly feeling and a lovely fresh scent of mint (although, it always confuses me when fruity-looking things are mint flavoured!), but this isn't overpowering at all and gradually fades away.

Origins claim the Drink Up Lip Balm "deeply hydrates with a hint of tint", and whilst I definitely agree with the first part I'm not so sure about the second. The shade I have, Pink Guava, looks like a fairly light pink in the tube but once applied it may as well be clear as there's not much hint of pink at all. I think this is probably quite a lot to do with the fact that a) Pink Guava is one of the more nude shades in the range and b) my lips are naturally quite dark anyway. I'd definitely love to try out some of the other shades as I think they might give off a little more colour. Cherry Pop and Berry Splash both look loooovely. I'm not hugely worried about the lack of tint, however, as it works well along with a dab of lip stain or lightly applied lipstick to get maximum hydration and maximum colour.

I think lip-care is one aspect of skincare that often gets overlooked, so I love that Origins have come up with something that's both makeup and skincare combined in one handy little package. This might not be the most exciting lip product I've ever used, but it's certainly one of the most useful and a great everyday makeup bag staple which I'll be using all the time from now on.

Have you tried the Drink Up Hydrating Lip Balms?

Gillian x


  1. This seems like it's right up my street! xo

  2. I can't go more than a few minutes without some soft of balm on my lips. This sounds lovely, and I love the Origins brand

  3. This looks really good, I want one now!
    Great post! Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs, Brittany, xx

  4. This is being added to my list now!

  5. I think that for me personally £16 is too much to spend for a lip balm but I must admit that it looks very very pretty on your lips! Sheer lip colours are without a doubt my favourite sort so I quite like the 'just there' colour xx

    Angelica // One Little Vice

  6. This looks great. I love how its more a lip gloss feel to it. I get annoyed with the little pots all the time. I like the 'does she have something on her lips' look to it as well. The perfect shade. I don't know if I would spend £16.00 on it but then if I was struggling and needed it then I would get one.


  7. Ooh I'd not heard of these until now and I'm very tempted! I love hydrating lip products!

    Jennie xo | sailboat.

  8. I'd not heard about these but I'm quite intrigued. I'm certainly a lip balm fiend so I'll try anything. The shade in the tube looks nice but I'd probably have the same issue as you. Nothing a bit of lipgloss can't change though. £16 seems a bit much though for a lip balm!

    Paula ♥ | xo

  9. Ive not seen this before, it sounds really nice though, im always looking to try new things from Origins x

  10. Im always on the look out for a good lip balm, my lips always seem to be so dry!

    Ive recently started my own blog, please check me out at...

    Thanks! x

  11. Ooh never heard of this before, it sounds like my kind of thing though. I love how it has amazing benefits for the lips but actually looks really good too! x

  12. Pretty expensive but it looks and sounds nice nevertheless :)
    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-


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