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So, months and months after posting my living room tour, I'm finally getting round to writing up a bedroom tour too. I can't lie, this is mostly to do with the fact that this is the first time my room has been remotely tidy since then. As you can probably tell from the pictures, it's pretty small and doesn't have a lot of storage so there's always stuff cluttered about everywhere. I like to think that the living room is relatively grown up looking, but my bedroom is still very "studenty" - none of the furniture matches, there's stuff blu-tacked to the walls, there are ticket stubs and wristbands and flyers everywhere, and it's always a mess. The most annoying thing about the room is that it's long and narrow so there's only one possible way all the furniture can fit in (yes, I've tried rearranging it - to no avail!). But saying that, it feels like home and it's definitely the room I spend most time in, and so I kind of love it.

The bed came with the flat and is an Ikea number (similar to this one) and despite being the squeakiest, creakiest bed in the world it's pretty comfy! There's not really much room on my desk for a laptop and books etc. so I usually end up doing all my work snuggled up in bed, it's a hard life! The duvet set is from John Lewis and my mum bought it for me when I moved out to go to university - it's done me pretty well these past 5 years. The fairy lights wrapped around the bedframe were from Ikea a couple of summers ago and they make it feel nice and cosy in the evenings. Behind the bed there's a bit of dead space between the window, but it's the perfect fit for my bedside table. I can't remember where it's from as I've had it from about 10 years (it's kind of similar to this one). It's really ugly and I keep meaning to buy something nicer, but as it's behind the bed no one can see it anyway so there's probably not much point. Can't wait to have my own flat one day so I can buy furniture that actually matches! On top of the bedside table, there's always a stack of books and notebooks: the novel I'm reading, my Moleskine sketchbook, my notebook for dissertation stuff, my Q&A 5 Year Journal, and a cute little Finest Imaginary printed Moleskine which I bought from Ginger Pickle and am using as my blogging notebook. There's also my phone, lip balm, a little box for earrings, my owl speaker* in case I'm watching a film and want extra volume, and the most boring lamp in the world that was intended as a quick fix whilst I had time to look for something better, but it seems to still be here 4 years later.

On the wall beside the bed, I started an attempt at a bit of a collage kinda thing, but I stuck up four things and gave up on the idea and just left them there. This baroque mirror from Out There Interiors* makes a nice addition to the wall though, I got it in the "Petrol" colour and it's lovely. It's got a bit of that shabby chic/distressed kinda thang going on which I really like. Out There Interiors is a shop I only came across recently but they have so many gorgeous homewares; how dreamy is this mirrored glass furniture, and some rattan furniture would be perfect if I had a garden. They have pretty much every kind of homeware you could want, I've got so many things bookmarked that I want! At the bottom of my bed is the wardrobe, it came with the flat too so I've got no idea where it's from. It's usually overflowing and most of the time neither the doors or the drawer close properly, really need to have a good clear out soon!

Next to that is the desk, not sure where it's from either, but it's a fairly standard wooden desk which houses my printer and computery stuff on the bottom shelf, and on top there's all my makeup, skincare and hair things. Have a look at my makeup storage post from last year for a bit more detail - everything is pretty much the same, but I seem to have collected a lot more stuff since then! The acrylic drawers are from Amazon and hold makep that gets used fairly regularly. The acrylic caddy is from Zalando but sadly they don't seem to sell it anymore (this one looks pretty similar though), and I use it to hold my makeup brushes, my daily skincare and a few makeup bits. I've also got two Ikea plant pots - one for skincare and one for haircare. The purple table lamp is from Next and the folding chair is from Ikea. On the wall above the desk is my noticeboard/whiteboard that is covered in all sorts of tickets, flyers, event invites, and other little bits and pieces (including, for some reason, a huge bunch of ribbons?!). The whiteboard is pretty handy for jotting things down before I write them in my diary, or reminding me to do stuff.

I bought the white chest of drawers from Homebase last year as I was running out of storage space, and they mostly hold yet more clothes. On top, there's a box full of body beauty bits which there isn't room for in the bathroom, along with some extra skincare and makeup things. Next to that, I've got a couple of folding crates stacked up: the bottom one has yet more extra beauty things; the middle one has shoes; and the top one has clothes that have been worn but aren't quite ready for the washing machine yet. They're not very pretty but they do the job! In the opposite corner I've got some shoe boxes stacked up, and there are more shoes lined up underneath the heater. My favourite ever sparkly heels are currently living on top of the heater (which never gets switched on, btw!) as they're too pretty to stay in a box but I hardly ever get the chance to wear them. Next to that is a mirror which my dad made for me and it's covered in more studenty paraphernalia. Tucked behind it, and peeking out the side, are a couple of hessian shopping bags filled with belts and handbags. So glamorous! There's also a big stack of beauty boxes living on the floor; I unsubscribed about 2 years ago but have still got hundreds and hundreds of samples! My vintage dress from last year's grad ball seems to permanently stay on the back of my door, I've been meaning to put it away somewhere for the past year but I don't want it to get squished in my wardrobe so it just hangs out here. (Usually with a little dust bag though!)

I think my favourite part of my room is the ceiling. I bought some of those glow in the dark stars and stuck them to the roof above the bed in the proper constellations (although, I managed to do them upside down!). The ceiling is pretty high in here so it was no easy task, especially as I couldn't move the bed out of the way. There was a lot of precarious leaning from the top of a ladder - but I got there eventually with a little help from my flatmate! I also love my little purple plastic chandelier from B&Q, I think it was the very first thing I bought for moving into this flat.

Please tell me all your rooms are as full of clutter as mine?!

Gillian x


  1. Your room is so lovely! My room is currently a complete mess, it's embarrassing! But after exams and being on holiday I haven't had time to tidy it so I'm using that as my excuse, although mine is also cluttered!

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  2. Your room is so cute. I know it's a bit stalkerish but I love looking round other peoples homes :) I did a bedroom tour on my blog once too and it went down well so clearly we all love a bit of a stalk! x

    Sweet Monday

  3. Your room is ever so cute and it looks really cosy too! Is it bad that my favourite thing in your room is the 'I heart Vodka' sticker?! haha. x

  4. Your room is absolutely lovely!

  5. Ah - do you want to trade rooms!?! It's so lovely!

    xo Lillian from parisiantobe.com

  6. Lovely pictures!

    Great post! Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs, Brittany, xx


  7. Big fan of that flight of the conchords poster! And the green dress is beautiful. I like that you have it on display :)

  8. Lovely! So cosy and homely, and oh my gosh- that dress <3


  9. So very pretty, oh I wish I could be as organised and tidy in my own bedroom!

  10. I have serious bedroom-envy right now! Your bedroom is exquisite! wow! x

  11. Hi Your bedroom is soo pretty, i like the lights round the bed - that's a really good idea.


  12. You've got an absolutely amazing little room filled with cute stuff. I am currently working on my new room trying to make it more cozy and comfortable for me. And I've also got the exact same cute little lights on the top of my bed. Best thing ever! x

  13. Such a gorgeous little room, I always wish I had wooden floors in my own. Love that light!!

    Raffles Bizarre Blog

  14. I like your room so much! I also have a really small room, I'd say even smaller than yours.. But mine is a disaster:( I hate the walls, my bed (even thought it's pretty comfy), the closet etc. The only thing I like is my work desk. But I have no money right now to change anything:(

  15. I love how much personality your room has! I've sometimes felt like I should have a 'grown up' room with streamlined decor and not an ounce of clutter, but then I realise I love having a room that really feels 'me'! Hanging up dresses as decoration is a lovely touch too! x

  16. Even having a small room you have organized thing very well. In my home I have some storage boxes which I used to store stuff as the most interesting thing about them is that you can place them anywhere.

  17. This looks so cosy! Love the FOTC poster (bought my b/f the same print but on a t shirt!) and the turquoise mirror. Mine is definitely always full of clutter - especially my dressing table area!

    Beth // SansSouci

  18. Love a room tour post! My room is definitely more full of clutter than yours, and I remember you posting about that dress when you got it before, so so beautiful!

  19. Your bedroom is just amazing!I'm jelous

  20. Amazing! Amazed thing is this you have organized everything in proper and unique way which really help to explore extra space and beneficial for small homes. All images have a wow factor I like it.

  21. Your room is lovely, I especially love the mirror you picked!

    Maria xxx


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