Sunday Summary #83


1.Roses 2.Old Aberdeen 3.BBQ beef fillet 4.Throwback Thursday 5.Sunset 6.Fly relaxing in the beer garden 7.Sleepy hedgehog in the garden

I was just about to get all settled down for a much needed night off in front of the TV when I realised I hadn't written my Sunday Summary post yet, oops! I ended up getting the train back down to Edinburgh this afternoon but missed the train I was originally going to get, so didn't end up getting back to the flat until about half 6. I've got so much I need to be doing - washing, dishes, tidying, unpacking, grocery order, the list goes on - but I've pretty much just sat in a heap on the sofa since I got back. I feel so exhausted today and I don't even know why, hopefully an early night with a film or two in bed will sort me out, then it's back to dissertation writing tomorrow. I'm just about finished the first chapter, which is definitely the longest one, so hopefully I'll be able to get the majority of the other two finished this week. Then I can spend the following week doing editing, and it's due in the week after that. A couple extra weeks to get it all done would be nice but ach well, will just have to power through!

As I've been at home, I haven't really got much to report as I've spent the whole time working on my dissertation or entertaining the puppy. Such a wee babe, already plotting when I'll next have time to go back and visit her again! She's now up to date with all her injections so can go out for walks. She obviously thinks she's a grown up dog in a small dog's body as she always chases around after our other dog, Moss, who is 2 and a bit now, and is an absolute giant compared to Fly. In fact, I'm pretty sure he sleeps more than she does, no idea where she gets her energy from!

Sadly I didn't get the job I went for an interview for a few weeks ago, but never mind - it was definitely wishful thinking that I might get the very first graduate job I applied for! But I've got a meeting through in Glasgow on Tuesday about starting a internship/volunteer type thaaang for the kind of job I'd love to eventually go into, so I'm looking forward to that. Although, commuting to Glasgow early in the mornings is not going to be fun, I am not a morning person at all!

What have you been doing this week?

Gillian x


  1. Love hearing about lite fly, she's do cute!
    Good luck with you next interview, I feel your pain about the commute I did it the other way round when I was at uni!


  2. I love posts like this, good luck with your meeting, sure it will lead to great things! x

  3. Your pup is so cute! xx
    Is that hedgehog in your garden? The reason I ask is because garden hedgehogs shouldnt really ever be out during the day (unless their pregnant and building a nest) and they definitly should not be laying down like that...the poor little thing looks pretty ill. It may be that he was out trying to find water or that he's just generally unwell.
    If possible leave a dish of water out for him and a small plate of cat food or if you can, take him into your local vet or rescue centre xxx

    1. I think he's fine as he went back to his nest after a few minutes and haven't seen him out in the daytime since - he just got a bit disturbed as our dog was sniffing around his nest. There's some water out for him too so hopefully he's a happy little hedgehog! :) x

  4. Fly is so cute! I'm not a morning person at all either! I've been working all week and also today a little bit(sadly is a work that has nothing to do with my degree,then to study about 30 minutes for my postgraduate course. I'm exhausted too u_u Getting up early it's not for me,but at night,I can't go to bed early. Love the idea of having a garden and a hedgedog in it! haha Have a good night!

  5. Good luck with all your interviews! I'm in the same post-uni boat - it's a scary one!
    Emma x

  6. Ooh good luck with the meeting my dear, I'm sure you'll ace it :) love the sleepy hedgehog! xx

  7. Great photos! Fly is so adorable :} Good luck with your meeting!
    Danielle xo

  8. Oh look at Fly, such a sweet scrummy little thing. I want to bring her home with me! x


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