Sunday Summary #81


1.Cocktails 2.Dinner on sunny George Street 3.Grilled honey chicken, salad and sweet potato fries 4.Irn Bru float 5.Hello

Well, here's a scary thought: my dissertation is due in just over 4 weeks. WHAT!! I was originally planning to give myself a month to get it written up, which means I have to start writing it now. Right now. Oh dear. I'm pretty much finished all my research (apart from some records I need to look at in the Aberdeen City Archives, which is part of the reason I'm at home just now), but I still feel so unprepared. Hopefully once I start to put it down on paper - or screen, if you will - it'll become a lot less of a mission, but the thought of still having the whole thing to do is not a pleasant one. I've definitely enjoyed doing it, but I just wish I had a couple of extra weeks so I didn't have to rush through all the writing and redrafting. But we'll see how it goes, eh?

As I mentioned, I'm at home again at the moment. Or, well, I'm probably on the train somewhere along the East Coast Line as you're reading this, but I'll be home soon. I just couldn't stay away from my little puppy friend for too long! You can fully expect next week's Sunday Summary post to be full to the brim with puppy pictures. The weather has been a bit cooler the last couple of days, but hopefully it'll be nice enough to have a barbecue or two whilst I'm at home. I think I might be in the minority, but I'm definitely preferring this cooler weather. It's just the WORST when it's too hot to sleep, you have no summery clothes and you can't even walk two minutes down the street without working up a sweat. It's been especially bad this week as I haven't been able to lounge around in the flat but have been busy with job interviews, dissertation meetings, library and archive visits and a wee bit of shopping. Eurgh, summer. Bring on autumn, I say!

The one thing I do love about summer, however, is nice evenings where you can sit outside and do lots of eating and drinking. On Wednesday evening I met up with Laura and Iona for some post-work (or, in my case, post-library) food and cocktails at Candy Bar. We had a lovely evening chatting and munching our way through some burgers and fajitas, all washed down with a Sex on the Beach or three. If you're looking for somewhere nice and cheap to go to on George Street (and those words don't usually go together!) then Candy Bar is definitely a good choice. All the food is under a fiver and they usually have special deals on certain cocktails too. We sat outside and enjoyed the evening sunshine on George Street and, in our usual style, we stayed until we were asked to leave. We weren't doing anything naughty, I hasten to add, they were just closing up!

What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x


  1. the drink and food looks so yummie ♥

  2. Just found your blog and i love it! great layout, everything is so pretty :)


  3. mmm those cocktails look delicious! I've never thought to try and irn bru float! I had a coke one today and it was THE tastiest!

    Bella | BELLAETC

  4. mmmm Mackies is my fave ice cream xx

  5. Those cocktails look mighty refreshing :)

  6. I am vomming into my mouth over the idea of an Irn Bru float. U got issues woman.

  7. Good luck with your dissertation!

    Maria xxx


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