Outfit: It's A Mystery


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Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Clutch Bag: Catherine Aitken*
Belt: ASOS
Locket: Vintage
Shoes: H&M
Earrings: Ginger Pickle

Yesterday I had a fairly informal meeting through in Glasgow about a volunteership (not a real word?) I'm going to be starting in a couple of weeks, so I wanted an outfit that was kind of smart but not too over the top. I went for my number one favourite dress ever; this has been going strong for about 3 or 4 years now. It doesn't look particularly special (especially in these photos, bright sunlight always seems to play havoc with my outfit photos!) but it's flattering, versatile, comfy and I just love it. This is, without a doubt, the most worn item of clothing in my wardrobe and has seen me through hundreds of nights out, job interviews, work days, dinners out, and countless other occasions. It's a bit worse for wear now - there's a couple of tiny holes and it's a good few inches shorter than it started out as - so I'm always sifting through Ebay to see if I can find a replacement someone's had hidden away at the back of their wardrobe for years.

As the dress is pretty much as plain as they come, it lets me focus my attention on throwing on a few different accessories. I was recently sent this Toyah Clutch Bag, and I can just tell this will be getting used all the time during autumn and winter. It's part of the punk-inspired Riot Collection from Catherine Aitken and I love that all the bags are named after famous ladies of rock, plus there's lots of tartan, leather and Harris tweed thrown in. What's not to love? I always like coming across local businesses and shops, so the fact that Catherine Aitken is Edinburgh-based made me love them even more! Have a wee look over on Facebook or Twitter if you fancy keeping up to date. Also, speaking of Toyah, please tell me I'm not the only one who remembers Barmy Aunt Boomerang?!

To pick up the red in the tartan of the clutch bag, I went for my glittery wooden heart earrings by Kate Rowland from Ginger Pickle. I ordered a few things from Ginger Pickle recently, and couldn't resist adding these to my basket as they were super sparkly and only a fiver. I often seem to forget to put in earrings these days, but whenever I do remember and I catch a glimpse of these ones it puts a little smile on my face. The necklace is something I got a couple of weekends ago when I was out antiques shopping with my parents. It's not an antique though, just vintage costume jewellery, but I love it and was only about £5 too. The vaguely tigers eye-esque stone is gorgeous, but the thing I really love about it is the fact it's a locket. The back and inside have lovely little embossed bits too. Now all I need is something to put inside it! Any suggestions?

Gillian x


  1. How exciting about your new little venture! This looks like the perfect outfit for your first day!

  2. Lovely outfit and that necklace looks amazing!

    Beauty Inside Art

  3. Lovely outfit as usual :) I love your locket, it's so beautiful The earrings are really cute as well!

    Water Painted Dreams

  4. Lovely outfit, looks perfect for a casual type of meeting! x

  5. Great post! Thanks for sharing!


    Brittany, xx

  6. Scottish purse that I love! It's a nice little *ping* of incredible on your outfit. It's nice to have a trusty go-to item of clothing. I would say put a twist on the locket and instead of a photo, put inside a teeny-tiny lucky charm to go with you wherever you do.

  7. what a lovely clutch, and the necklace is stunning, deffo my sort of thing :) xx

  8. Your locket is so pretty! I found a similar one in Armstrongs last month and seriously regretted not buying it! x

    The Little Things

  9. I need this tartan clutch and looking forward to purchasing some tartan pieces I don't know y but always been fond! I love the necklace and the over all look you look gorgeous x

  10. I love this outfit, especially that gorgeous clutch!

    Maria xxx

  11. Lovely outfit - the earrings are so cute
    Emma x

  12. Looking good! I'm never entirely sure what I'd "do" with a clutch, but yours is particularly lovely.

  13. Great outfit, I absolutely love the clutch and the earrings, I think I need those in my life.
    Rosalie x

  14. You look beautiful! I love a simple black outfit with bolder accessories. I've never been able to decide what to put inside a locket... let us know when you find something!

    Ellie | www.ellalogy.com

  15. That bag is beautiful! I love when clothes really earn their place in your wardrobe, sadly I haven't found that 'all occasions' dress yet!


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