Natura Bissé Bubble Pure Air Facial at Hotel Missoni


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Yesterday evening, after a mad dash back to the flat from the train station and a very quick change of clothes and makeup, I headed along to meet Laura, Lynne, Iona and Kirstie at Hotel Missoni for a look at the latest treatment to arrive at the spa, the Natura Bissé Bubble Pure Air Facial. This is the first time the Bubble pod has been up in Scotland (and, in fact, only the second time it has been in the UK), so I was definitely expecting something special! Natura Bissé are are a brand which are very popular in their home country of Spain, as well as in the USA, but they're less well-known over on these shores. The products we got to try out felt very luxurious and the treatment was really relaxing, so I hope their UK presence continues to grow and become available in more and more spas. The Bubble Pure Air Facial is available at Hotel Missoni until the 7th of July, so if you fancy trying it out you'd better get yourself booked in quick!

At the event, we were treated to mini taster sessions of the treatment which lasted around 10 minutes. Once you enter the pod, which is kind of like an inflatable tent (that's the best way I can think of to describe it!), it's zipped up behind you so the air inside becomes purified. This means that during the treatment you breathe in 99.9% pure filtered air, helping to balance out your skin and leaving you looking refreshed and radiant. The beauty therapist begins by cleansing your skin, then follows by using a range of lotions and potions suited to your skin, including an exfoliating peel and a soothing moisturiser. Even in just 10 minutes I felt really relaxed, so I can imagine the full 60 minute treatment would be even better! The treatment costs £65 for 60 minutes which, although a little out of my usual student budget, seems like a good price for a luxury spa treatment. The products were all great quality and have left my skin feeling lovely and soft and refreshed. My skin has been absolutely terrible for the past month or so and I have no idea why, so hopefully a nice little facial will have done it some good!

Whilst we were there, we also had a tour of the Missoni Spa. It's quite a small spa but it felt really cosy and relaxing, and it would be the perfect place to indulge in a little treat if you were staying at the hotel. As well as Natura Bissé products, the spa also uses Eve Lom and Aromatherapy Associates products and offers a range of different treatments to make you feel relaxed and pampered. As well as the two treatment rooms, there's also a mini nail bar and a room to relax in which has the weirdest looking but comfiest chairs ever! As with the rest of the hotel, the spa has also been decorated to Missoni's high standards, with lots of bright colours and bold patterns. Despite being decorated with bright lime green and fringing everywhere, the spa didn't feel too in-your-face at all but was nice and relaxing without being too clinical-looking like some spas.

At the event we also got to sample some of Missoni's Afternoon Tea. As I hadn't had any dinner, I think I ended up scoffing almost an entire cake stand myself - it was so good! As well as the more traditional things like scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam, egg sandwiches (I LOVE a good egg sandwich!) and mini pastries, there were also some slightly different afternoon tea treats like antipasti-style breads with cured ham and olive oil cakes. The menu also changes seasonally, which I think is a really nice touch. I'd never been in to the Missoni Hotel before as, living in Edinburgh, I never really have the need for a hotel room. But I'd never really thought about Missoni as a place to eat and drink, I will definitely be going back for some more afternoon tea and to try out the cocktail menu too.

The Natura Bissé Bubble Pure Air treatment is available until the 7th of July and costs £65 for a 1 hour session.

Do you like the sound of a bubble facial?

Gillian x


  1. I really like the idea of missoni hotel, might stay there next time I'm in the city! The afternoon tea definitely sounds appealing! x

  2. I want to go! I'll have to add this to my travel list!


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