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July Mixtape · via Spotify

Oh July, what a tale of two halves you've been. Heatwaves and never-ending sunshine followed by thunderstorms and bucketing rain. Lazy summer afternoons followed by frantic trips to the library. Happy songs followed by sad. It totally makes sense that the sort of music you listen to is directly affected by your mood and the weather and what you've been doing, but it still seems a bit crazy to me that there can be such a noticeable difference in your listening habits. Half these songs are summery and upbeat, and the other half are a bit more melancholy.

This month I've mostly been listening to a mix of old favourites, with a couple of newer ones thrown in for good measure. Or, new to me anyway. I heard Esmerelda by Ben Howard on an advert for a programme on the BBC a couple of weeks ago and absolutely loved it, but I forgot the name of the programme and couldn't remember any of the lyrics so had to do a bit of late night internet sleuthing to track it down. I've listened to some Ben Howard songs before and really liked them, so not sure why I haven't listened to more - will definitely need to sort this out! Another Love by Tom Odell is another one which I heard recently on TV somewhere and liked. I have to admit, I have no idea who Tom Odell is - apparently there was some NME-related drama recently? - but the song's good. Although, the way he pronounces "anova lohve" annoys me way more than it should. Argh!

Editors · Munich
Tom Odell · Another Love
Vampire Weekend · Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
Blondie · Maria
Blink 182 · What's My Age Again
Foo Fighters · Arlandria
Bright Eyes · Laura Laurent
Ben Howard · Esmerelda
Roxy Music · Dance Away
Elvis Presley · Always on My Mind
Listen to "July" here.

What have you been listening to this month?

Gillian x


  1. Maria is one of my old favourites, I used to listen to it whilst going to primary school!
    Water Painted Dreams

  2. i find music really influences my mood, can cheer myself up juts by listening to some good tunes! i'm loving vampire weekend right now and off to dig out some blink 182 now you've put 'whats my age again?' in my head.

  3. Everything on here gets a big yes from me! Can't help but break out the old Blink 182 every now and again and pretend I'm fifteen again!

    The Little Things


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