Friday Favourites #3


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Time for another Friday Favourites post - a little selection of some blogs, articles, shops etc. that I've been enjoying lately. I really need to make the effort to do these posts more often as I love putting them together. As I've been busy and haven't had much time to write my own posts lately, I thought I'd let some other lovely bloggers do the hard work this week...

1. I really love the idea of charity shopping but never seem to find anything particularly good, so I'll definitely be keeping these 11 Tips for Thrifting from Hannah Hayes in mind next time I'm shopping. My favourite tip is definitely "go often" - any excuse to go shopping is good enough for me!

2. Becky recently threw a Breaking Bad birthday party for her boyfriend, and I am so jealous - can I move in please?! I'm such a fangirl for Breaking Bad, cannot wait until the new series (or second half of the last series, why do American shows always do this?) starts next month. Love all the little details Becky put in, like the Mini Heisenbergs, the Los Pollos cups and the fact that everything is bright blue.

3. A website I've being using a lot lately is Mallzee, which is kind of like your own personalised online shopping mall. When you sign up, you fill out a short questionnaire which determines what style of clothes you like best, then Mallzee will give you personalised suggestions for things you might want to buy from lots of great brands like ASOS, Warehouse, New Look and Oasis. Plus when you order things through the website you get "Mallzee Dollars" (kind of like Advantage Card Points) and special discount codes - what's not to love?!

4. Louise's fruit smoothie pops look delicious and perfect for this unbearably hot weather. I bought some ice lolly moulds from IKEA last summer but didn't end up using them, so will definitely have to whip them out soon and make myself some strawberry/raspberry/banana pops. Yum!

5. I love the look of this DIY coffee table makeover on Nouvelle Daily. It sounds so easy to do, and that paint is such a b-e-a-utiful colour. In fact, I have the exact same coffee table (have a look at my living room tour), but sadly it belongs to my landlord and I don't think he'd be too happy if I got a bit DIY-happy on it!

6. And last but not least, is the first issue of Dylan Magazine. A few weeks ago Maddy got in touch and asked if I'd like to contribute to one of the articles, so keep an eye out for a wee bit from me in the beauty section! The magazine is full of lots of different articles - from food and fashion to beauty, film and books. I love the design of it too!

Gillian x


  1. That Breaking Bad party looks like the best thing ever!! I've been meaning to make my own ice lollies but never get round to actually buying moulds!

    Just Like Heaven

  2. Love this! Definitely want to try those fruit smoothie pops!
    Holly xx

  3. Mmm the ice-lollies look so delicious
    Emma x

  4. I love home-made ice lollies in the summer, they're so delicious, and because I know exactly what's in them, I can eat as many as I want without feeling guilty! xx

  5. I'm definitely going to try thta table DIY, never heard of that paint she used. very interesting x

  6. The BB party is an amazing idea! You could take it one step further and hire a massive gazebo (ala house covering for the bug spray) and all where boiler suits with gas masks!! Can you tell I can't wait for the next part either lol


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