Sunday Summary #79


1.My new little pal 2.Afternoon tea 3.Sunbathing with Moss 4.Scones with strawberries, balsamic and basil 5.BBQ platter 6.Fly

Oh my gaaaaaad puppieeeeesssss!! My ma and pa have been talking about getting a new puppy for a while, and much to my delight it happened to coincide with my trip home. We went out to a farm yesterday afternoon and saw a barn full of puppies (videos on my Instagram if you're interested, which OF COURSE YOU ARE) and picked the only girl of the litter. She has been christened Fly, after her mum, and aaahhhhaaaaaaaaa she is basically the custest little thing I've ever seen. I'm due to go back to Edinburgh on Wednesday, but I'm so tempted to stay an extra few weeks to play with the puppy whilst she's still tiny. I think Moss (who's about 2 now) is going to love having a wee pal, but at the moment he's a bit sad that she's not big enough to play with yet!

Earlier this week my mum had some friends round for afternoon tea so we used one of the many tea sets I seem to have inherited. I think this is my favourite of all my tea sets, I love the vaguely peacock-y pattern and, after some internet sleuthing, my mum thinks it dates from around 1890-1910. Even though I don't actually drink tea (or coffee, shocking, I know) I'm sure I'll use them anyway. For cocktails perhaps? For the afternoon tea, I made some scones and my mum made some macerated strawberries with balsamic vinegar and basil. Not quite the traditional scone topping, but it was so good.

I was planning on getting quite a bit of dissertation work done whilst I was at home, but I seem to have done hardly any. Oops. Instead I've been enjoying drinking wine, eating lots of food, watching TV, sleeping and playing with my puppy pals. Even though the weather hasn't been brilliant, we've still managed two barbecues. On Friday we had a little BBQ selection for tea including chilli and garlic langoustines, steak, silken chicken, homemade pitta breads and ciabatta and lots of salady things. We also had another barbecue feast last night with some family friends. It might have been spit-spotting rain, but we braved it outside til the end!

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What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x


  1. Fly is adorable! I wish my dog was a puppy again sometimes. x

  2. Your puppy is so cute - I want! :)

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  4. Fly is the cutest thing everrrrr! x


  5. Oh gosh, her little face is so cute! I would totally stay a little longer, she's a sweetheart! Your afternoon tea looks so good! <3

    Jennie xo |

  6. Aww gorgeous puppy! I want another one, think Seb would love a little friend.


  7. Ohh my god, she is so cute! I wouldn't blame you for staying longer, just look at that face!

    Louise x
    The Little Things

  8. What a little cutie, if I were you I'd stay home. I really don't want to move out next year now we have Sam x

  9. Oh my lord! Please give her a cuddle from me - he is adorable!! x

  10. Oh my gosh, that is the cutest puppy ever. I love baby animals, well really, I just love all animals. It sounds like you have been having a really lovely few days and I always mean to tell you how amazing it is that you spend so much time and energy on your studies, I gave up on University after one year and I continue to regret it.

    What a gorgeous tea set you have here and those scones look soooo yummy.


  11. All I have to say is, "Awwwwww!!!!" :)

    Life of Mabel

  12. aaaargh puppy!!! so cute xx

  13. Awww, she is adorable! I saw the videos on Instagram & wondered if you were getting one. Definitely stay & make the most of it whilst shes little. I so want to get Nico a little bro or sis too, I want a little puppy again! Hehe! :)


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