Sunday Summary #76


1.4am 2.Raspberry Ripple 3.Sunshine on my window 4.Vintage summer dresses 5.Cocktail... 6...& Burger 7.At the Benefit Stay Flawless Event 8.Dragonfly cocktails

First thing's first, you might notice the blog is looking a little different? I've been meaning to redesign it for months but have always been busy with uni stuff or other peoples' designs, so was happy to be able to finally give it an overhaul this week. Thanks for all your lovely comments and tweets about it! I've even updated all the about/contact etc. pages, that took a while! I think my next step is getting some business cards printed, no idea who I would give said business cards to but I quite fancy some anyway. Speaking of blog designs, I don't really have time to do custom ones anymore but I was wondering about making a few premade templates available to download from my shop? Not sure if anyone would be interested though, so do let me know!

What a g-l-o-r-ious week it's been, weather-wise! Sadly I've been stuck inside doing dissertation reading instead of outside enjoying the sunshine, but I'm sat beside the window with a smoothie in hand just now, so it's not all bad. I've finally made a proper start on my dissertation work and I'm really enjoying it, but I'm going to have so much reading to do over the next month or two. Ideally I'd like to get all of my research and reading done by the end of July, so I can just spend all of August writing it up - but we'll see how that turns out (!).

On Tuesday evening I had a very impromptu trip through to Glasgow for dinner and cocktails. My friend was jetting off on holiday on Wednesday so was staying over in Glasgow on Tuesday night, so I got the train through to keep him company for the evening. We went to Cocktail & Burger which I had heard a few people mention on blogs and Twitter, and it turned out be be rather nice! The food was 2-for-1 and the cocktails were pretty cheap, which made a nice change from Edinburgh prices. After a couple more daiquiris I headed back to the train station to go home, and I was all tucked up in bed by midnight. I always forget how close Glasgow is, but it's less than an hour away by train so I really should make more of an effort to go through.

This week was a good week for cocktails, as I also had a few on Friday night at my favourite cocktail bar, the Dragonfly. After being at a lovely blogger event for Benefit Cosmetics, Lynne, Laura and I headed along for a few drinks. One of the cocktails I had was the Raspberry Ripple (above) which tastes just like ice cream, it's amaaaazing! I may or may not have sneakily licked the hundreds and thousands off the side of the glass... can't take me anywhere. The Benefit event was for the new Stay Flawless primer, and we all had a lovely wee evening hearing about the new product and chatting to the Benefit girls. I'll be trying out the primer, along with the Hello Flawless foundation, over the next couple of weeks and will be doing a review soon. I already love The Porefessional so I've got high hopes for this one!

What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x


  1. Those cocktails look delicious :-) especially the one with the sprinkles!

  2. Loving your vintage dress =)

  3. omg that raspberry ripple cocktail looks INCREDIBLE! appeals to my inner fat child AND alcoholic sides!
    loving the new blog look too, it's perfect!
    it's really annoying how dissertations are due at the end of spring/end of summer... really gets in the way of pub garden/BBQ time. good luck with your research and reading :)

  4. The Raspberry Ripple looks amazing!

  5. Definitely gonna go get the raspberry ripple next time, seemed so nice! x

  6. I want to make sprinkle cocktails!! never seen that before xx

  7. Great photographs :)

  8. Love the new blog design, the bright colours are so snazzy. I need to visit this cocktail and burger place, few people have spoken about it.


  9. I need that raspberry ripple cocktail now!

    And yes, you do need to be in Glasgow more. ;)

  10. Love your new layout. Sounds like you've had a lovely week. I have just spent most of it at work :( boo. Hope your dissertation reading is going well xxx


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