Sunday Summary #75


1.Jam jar cocktails at Oliver Bonas 2.Making mac & cheese in the microwave = AMAZING 3.Yummy fish tacos (recipe coming tomorrow!) 4.Ready for Rox 5.Wee bit of Tattinger in the Rox Thrill Room 6.Party in my mouth

So somehow it seems to be June already, does anyone care to explain this to me? This year is going past ridiculously fast, it feels like it should still be about March. I've been saying for weeks and weeks that I'm going to make a start on my dissertation, but guess what? I was lying. I still haven't started anything, aside from choosing a very general topic/question. My deadline isn't until the end of August so it's still a while away, but at the same time it seems uncomfortably close. This week I definitely will make a proper start on it, I promise. I'm sure it'll be fine once I get going, but motivating myself to get up and do set hours of work is so difficult when I don't actually "have to". So lazy!

At least this week I've had the excuse of a few blog-related events keeping me busy. On Tuesday I went along to a little launch party at the new Oliver Bonas store which was lovely, and I'm already trying to think up reasons why I need to go back and purchase as much as I can carry. Then on Thursday I hopped on the train over to Glasgow for an evening at Rox to celebrate the 15th anniversary of GC Watches. Had many, many glasses of champagne and cocktails, hatched plans for a blogger karaoke meet up, watched Amore perform, and then had a little snooze on the train home. I haven't actually had a look at my photos from the night yet, but hopefully they'll be half decent and I'll write up a proper blog post soon!

Apart from that, literally nothing exciting has happened in my life. I haven't even left the flat all weekend, how boring. I was planning to go home to visit my parents and my puppy pal next weekend but my (human) pal is coming up to Edinburgh for a few days at the end of next next week (does that even make sense? I mean two weeks time...) so I'm going to postpone my trip home for a little bit. I suppose I should get a bit of dissertation work done before I go home anyway, boo. If you spot me dragging a bag full of library books through the Meadows whilst you're out sunning yourself please show me some sympathy!

What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x


  1. Those fish tacos look immense!

  2. hmm the cocktails and fish tacos look delicious! xxx

  3. omg your food photos makes me starve!! I need to fix myself that pasta dish some day, it looks soo yummie!

  4. the food photos are making me drool x

  5. Your hair is soo long now - its lovely :-)


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