Outfit: Indigo Eclipse


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Dress: Boden*
Sunglasses: Topshop
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

If there’s one thing I hate about summer, it’s wearing summer-appropriate clothes. My wardrobe is mostly compiled of black dresses, leggings and oversized jumpers, none of which are particularly practical for warm weather. When Boden got in touch recently about reviewing an item from their website I decided to go for something a little bit summery. It’s still quite “me” i.e. a skater dress with long sleeves – can’t go wrong – but has a lovely bright print and is a nice, cool, floaty material so is a perfect choice for summer.

Boden isn’t really a shop I’d looked at before as I assumed it was for more mature customers, but they actually have a lot of nice stuff. Some of it is a bit mumsy, it’s true, but there are quite a few hidden gems too. I love that the clothes are a bit more grown-up and sensible without looking frumpy. I don’t particularly like getting my legs out, so the length of this dress is perfect as, unlike the rest of the highstreet’s offerings, it doesn’t stop an inch below my bum. It works really well as a casual, slightly slouchy dress with sandals for the daytime, but you could also swap for a big pair of heels and a waist belt for an evening holiday-ready outfit.

Speaking of sandals, how nice are these ones? I bought them a couple of years ago from Dorothy Perkins but have hardly had a chance to wear them as the last two summers have pretty much been total washouts. I can never be bothered wearing heels in the daytime – far too much effort – but the little wedge on these is manageable for day-to-day walking around whilst looking a bit nicer than your average Primark gladiator sandals. Here’s hoping the sun sticks around so I can wear them more than two or three times this year.

If I ever bought a pair of designer sunglasses, I think it would definitely be a pair of Rayban Wayfarers. The wayfarer style is the only shape of glasses I’ve found so far that seem to suit my face, but sadly these are just cheapy Topshop ones. They do the job fine though, and I don’t really wear sunglasses that often (thanks again, weather) so it’s probably a bit of a waste of money shelling out for the real deal.

Have you bought anything from Boden before?

Gillian x


  1. I love this dress, it's so pretty! I think you can sometimes find some real gems in Boden :) Beautiful!


  2. I love the print on your dress - I don't like dresses that show off my bum cheeks either. Midis all the way for me!

  3. Such a beautiful dress! I love the sunglasses too xx

  4. This dress is gorgeous :) x

  5. Love this outfit, especially the shoes!

  6. The dress is really pretty, I think Biden have really updated their style past few seasons. Great look


  7. This is a gorgeous outfit! I'm always after dresses with attached sleeves so will need to have a wee nosey through Bodens offerings x

  8. I adore the print on this dress - I would have never of uessed it was Boden! Love your little table next to you too x

  9. You look so beautiful, I absolutely love your dress! Also loving your new layout, you talented lady! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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