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Last week, along with some other bloggers, I was invited to Tempus on George Street for an evening of food and wine sampling to celebrate the launch of their new summer menu. I had never been to Tempus before, despite having walked past many times, so I was looking forward to seeing exactly what it was like inside. And I can certainly say I wasn't disappointed; the decor was stunning, the food was delicious and the cocktails were excellent!

We were greeted with an Elderflower Tattoo from the cocktail menu as we came in, and sipped our drinks in the dining room as we waited for everyone to arrive. The room itself was gorgeous and was much more opulent than I had imagined. I mean, just look at those chandeliers! Despite being nice and luxurious, Tempus also had quite a relaxed atmosphere so it would be the perfect place to enjoy some drinks or dinner in the evening. After a quick introduction from chef Stewart Jarvie, we got started on the first course. There was a lot of food to get through so luckily Iona was on hand to go halfers with me, although to be honest it all tasted so good that I could probably have eaten it all myself! First up was some cured Coppa ham with buffalo mozzarella, field mushrooms with goats cheese on toasted brioche, and a fishcake with lemon and mustard aioli. I'm not usually a huge fan of goats cheese, but the baby mushrooms on toast were delicious! For our second taster of starters we had Loch Fyne smoked salmon, crispy duck with broccoli, bacon and pine nut salad, and mussels in a garlic, lemon and cream sauce. I think the duck was my favourite starter out of them all, the sticky honey sauce drizzled over the top was so good.

Whilst nibbling our way through the food we also had some expert wine advice and had a few different wines to try, all of which were picked to perfectly compliment the food. Sadly I was too busy enjoying the wine and the food to note down which one went with which, but they were definitely all very nice! We were also introduced to a new app called Plonk which seems like a really useful app to have if you like dining out (or in!) a lot but aren't sure which wines to choose. Sadly it doesn't seem to be available on Android yet, but I'll be keeping an eye out. Back to the food, and in the first selection of main courses we had a Crombies beef burger with mature Isle of Mull cheddar, rump of lamb with puy lentils and carrot puree, and salmon fillet with pea and mint salad. The burger tasted just like "proper" homemade burgers, and I liked the lamb with something a little bit different to the usual potatoes and mint sauce! We then had slow cooked pork belly with salsa verde, Orkney sirloin steak, and pan fried bream fillet with tomato salsa. I love a good steak and this one was cooked really well, it was really tender and still pink in the middle.

After all that, there was still room for some dessert! First up was a coffee creme brulee, sticky toffee pudding and a selection of cheese with quince jelly. Unfortunately I don't like coffee or cheese so gave those two a miss, but I can confirm the sticky toffee pudding was delicious. It was lovely and rich, without being too heavy. The other plate of desserts was much more up my street, however, with lemon tart and clotted cream ice cream, pineapple carpaccio with coconut ice cream, and a vanilla panna cotta. The coconut ice cream was lovely and had quite a mild flavour so it didn't overpower the pineapple.

All in all, the whole menu was great and everything was cooked perfectly. The full-sized portions are fairly reasonably priced too, especially for George Street, with starters around £6, mains £16 and desserts £5. I think I'll definitely be heading back if I'm looking for somewhere to have dinner in the centre of town, plus the cocktail bar would be a great place for a few drinks of an evening.

I hadn't actually realised before (I'm not sure why as they're right next door!) but Tempus is part of The George Hotel, so after wining and dining we were treated to some champagne up on the 5th floor in the new Panorama Suite. If you follow me on Instagram or read yesterday's Sunday Summary post then I'm sure you're bored of seeing these sunsets by now, but I just had to include another picture as it was beauuuutiful. The views were stunning and you could see right across the Forth. We were lucky to be visiting on pretty much the nicest day of the year so far, it was lovely and warm and we were able to sit out on the terrace as we watched the sun set over the Edinburgh rooftops. This would be such an amazing suite to hire out if you had a special function or party - any takers?!

Have you been to Tempus before?

Gillian x


  1. ahh i'm so gutted i missed this, i was stuck with stupid work! the food looks amazing!

  2. ooooh that all looks amaaaazing and the price is pretty reasonable for somewhere so fancy too x

  3. Well that all looks a bit amazing! so hungry right now

    Kylie x

  4. This looks so lovely, need to start eating in Edinburgh more! x

  5. Wow, how fancy! Don't you just love tiny food with lots of booze??

    Life of Mabel

  6. Instantly hungry again after reading this, Gillian! That sounds and looks incredible, I wish Edinburgh was closer... And how beautiful is that last photograph? xx

  7. Oh this sounds amazing, I am hungry now!

    Maria xxx

  8. yum, yum, yum, yum, yum. xx

  9. that looks seriously delicious, my mouth GENUINELY watered. o my.




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