A Love Letter to Edinburgh

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Dear Edinburgh,

My heart never fails to swell just a little when someone mentions your name or I catch a glimpse of you on the television. I’m proud to call you mine. Your cobbled streets and tenement stairs, your uneven rooftops and that brewery smell; they’re mine, all mine. I was seventeen when I fell for you, when you filled that little hole in my heart I didn’t even know was there. Sometimes I think of all the souls who have gone before me, centuries and centuries worth, and wonder if you did the same to them. Every little piece of history has seeped into your pavement cracks and now you’re saturated with ghosts and memories and never-ending adoration.

I never love you more than in those few dead hours between the darkness and the dawn. Summer air warm and still, walking slowly with my heels clutched in my hand and my head all dizzy from the drinking and the dancing. Smiling and laughing and chit-chattering, sometimes. Other times, completely alone and soothed by the silence. My favourite time is when the night changes into morning and the sky gets that glow that makes me smile. It turns four and everyone else is asleep apart from me and the last of the taxi drivers; my eyes are always tired but I want to stay awake to watch the golden-pink glimmer of the sun break over the rooftops and set the chimney pots ablaze. I lie curled in my bed, watching through the open window, and it feels like I’m the only person in the entire city. Just me, alone. Content.

You’re so familiar, it’s like I’ve known you forever. Before forever, even. Every street and every close reminds me of some thing or some one. Like the slope of the pavement on the snowy walk home the second time I met A, winding down Victoria Street with the tiny fairy lights and it didn’t even look real. Or the struggle up to the Castle Esplanade on hot, sticky mornings ready to help everyone else fall in love with you too. Or the hundreds of times C and I have stumbled down the cobbles of Niddry Street, praying that we’re not too late for chips and cheese.

Everyone loves you in the summer, Edinburgh, but I love you in the winter too. When the snow falls and for a little while you look like a fairytale; the sky heavy and bright, and tiny flakes collect in the corners of windowpanes. You’re beautiful in the spring too, as the cherry blossoms line the Meadows and the birds begin to sing before I’ve even gone to sleep. By the autumn, the air feels different and I can feel something new rumbling in my bones as the leaves turn and the days get shorter. A city for all seasons – sometimes all in one day.

You’re in my heart and in my head, coursing through my veins and in the tips of my toes. You are perfect, you are home. Even when it’s raining again and I’m waiting at the Cameo for the number 10, I couldn’t ask for anything better.

Love always,
Gillian x


Freelance social media and digital marketing consultant with a penchant for writing blog posts, drinking sickly sweet cocktails and exploring the cobbled streets of Edinburgh.


  • Lauren says:

    I was born in Edinburgh and although I've never lived there, I still consider it my home town as I'm so in love with it. I'm moving to London after the summer and I'm determined to climb Arthur's Seat before I go as I've never done it. Beautiful photos x

  • Joan says:

    these photos are amazing!
    i wanna go there!What a beauty!

  • Charlotte says:

    I've never been to Edinburgh but you really make it sound lovely! Love this different type of post 🙂

  • Emsipop says:

    And now I want to visit even more… x

  • I visited Edinburgh at Christmas when I was fourteen and it was so beautiful! Such a lovely post to read – makes me want to visit again soon. x

  • Tali says:

    I love our Edinburgh too :))) although I'm from Birmingham I've been living in Midlothian for the last 2.5 years! I love showing off "my village" and "my city" (edin). Going princes st tomorrow in fact, and I cannae wait xx

  • Daniela says:

    Edinburgh is amazing. It reminds me a lot of Prague, which I love, so I feel already as it is my second home. It really didn't take long <3

  • Jenna Suth says:

    Aw this was lovely to read. I've just finished uni in Edinburgh and I'm really going to miss it. Such a homely city xx

  • Loved this post, its the way I feel about London actually :L <3

  • RCagz says:

    Edinburgh's such a gorgeous city, haven't been up there in a long, long time and would love to go back and see how much it's changed! xoxo

  • Best city

  • Awesome post x

  • This is so lovely! I've only just moved to Edinburgh within the last couple of months and I totally agree. It's such a beautiful city! x

  • Laura says:

    Aw, glad I finally read this – it's lovely! And beautiful photos x

  • Anne says:

    Wow, those pictures are beautiful!
    XOXO Anna


  • Carina says:

    I took a trip to Edinburgh a few months ago – I LOVE it so much!!

  • What a lovely letter! I left Edinburgh for 10 years, but am SO glad I came back to her! I hope I never have to leave again!

  • Kirsty M says:

    Oh but Gillian, this is beautiful! I do love Edinburgh too. I'm so glad I made it my home and I hope I never leave!xx

  • Jodi Young says:

    this is the best thing i have ever read. i'm moving to edinburgh in 3 months and absolutely cannot wait! it's the best place in the world, and i can't wait to call it home. love, jodi xo

  • tentazionivlc says:

    I've been there 5 years ago, and I fell in love with this city. I hope I'll visit again, it's wonderful. You're so lucky 🙂

  • I studied abroad in Edinburgh. This post makes me so happy but so sad that I don't live there anymore. Thanks for all your posts about this amazing city!

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