Sunday Summary #73


1.Strawberry macarons 2.Hi hi hi 3.PizzaExpress wine and pizza tasting 4.Homemade carbonara and a cheeky wee glass of vino 5.Pink Lady apple juice, so good! 6.Eurovision dressing up 7.Denmark and France are now best pals, hiyaaaa

Evening everyone, how has your day been? This post is being written a bit later than usual as I've just got home from Glasgow. As I'm sure most of you will know, it was Eurovision last night so I headed through for Morag's party. We all had to dress up as a different country, so I chose France as a) the costume was easy to put together and b) think of all the food and drink options! I went a bit overboard (as I always do with themed parties, somebody stop me) and made lots of food to take along with me, including mini quiches, homemade French onion dip, baked Camembert and macarons. I'd never made macarons before so I was a bit worried they'd be a disaster, but I think they turned out okay - although, they're not the prettiest macarons in the world, look at all those cracks! I think they're one of those things you really need to master the art of before they start to look like "proper" macarons, but these strawberry ones with vanilla buttercream filling tasted pretty good and that's the main thing! I also took some "Champagne" with me (cough Prosecco cough) and made some French martinis, then we went out after Eurovision had finished so I'm feeling a bit worse for wear today. Nothing worse than getting on a train with a hangover, with the possible exception of getting on a bus with a hangover.

It seems like absolutely ages ago now, but it was just this time last week that I was at the PizzaExpress event which I blogged about a few days ago. I could really be doing with one of those pizzas right now! Trying to persuade myself out of ordering a takeaway, but I am feeling so weeeaaaak today, I'll probably give in. Nothing useful is going to get done tonight so I think all I'll be doing is watching a film whilst clutching my Irn Bru. For once I'm actually caught up with all my usual TV serieses (definitely not a real word) so will have to have a browse on Netflix for a film instead - any recommendations? Speaking of TV, The Office finale OMG SO SAD. I literally cried for over half the episode haha, ~so emotional~ but it was the perfect ending to the show, it will definitely be missed! I also watched the season finale of The Vampire Diaries, a little bit overdramatic as usual but I do love a good teen drama. The Mindy Project finished recently too, waaaah I'm going to run out of things to watch soon and am actually going to have to do something useful instead.

The one day of sunshine this week gave me hope that summer was finally here, but the last couple of days have definitely proved that theory wrong - so. much. rain. I hate this humid, warm weather as it's impossible to dress for; I wish it was either cold and rainy so I could wear proper jackets and scarves, or warm and sunny so I could wear blazers and ballet pumps. Sort it out please, Mama Nature.

As you can probably tell from my TV and weather chat, this week has been fairly uneventful! What have you been up to?

Gillian x


  1. I also cried like a baby watching The Office finale! Haha x

  2. Those macaroons look amazing! If you haven't watched Breaking Bad before I'd recommend that on Netflix and it's completely up to date :) x

  3. The macaroons still look really good, despite the cracks. I've still not yet tried a macaroon, but I lust after them every time I see them.

  4. It looks like you've had a great week!

    Beauty Baroness ☮♥

  5. I always go mad at parties and make bunting, themed food and generally get a bit bridezilla over a simple birthday party... I can't deal with VD anymore, all the adults are dead and there are about 4 humans in the whole town boo x

  6. Go you baking macaroons, they look tasty. Love your French costume!


  7. I too am gutted about both The Office and this season of The Mindy Project finishing :( Have you watched Girls? If not, it seems like it might be your kind of thing! x

  8. How cute is that jar of macaroons?! And you look amazing rocking that red lip xo

  9. Oooh macaroons and pizza, yummmm :-)

  10. Those macaroons look lovely!

    Maria xxx

  11. Oh god the office, "it's like all your kids grew up and got married, every parents dream"!! guten-pranken! so many things! eurovision party sounds fun as, also, those macarons are amazing! they are the one thing i want to make, but am terrified incase of failure!


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