Sunday Summary #71


1.Pretty candles at the INAA event 2.Me and Morag 3.Netflix and a takeaway 4.Hot chocolate fudge ice cream sundae from Luca's 5.Dinner at Tuk Tuk 6.Raspberry mule cocktail

This week seems to have been another one filled with eating and drinking - which is perfectly fine with me! I'm declaring next week my last week of unofficial holidays from uni, so I'm taking the opportunity to relax and not worry about deadlines and such. All I've got left to do is my dissertation, but it's probably going to take over my entire life for the next few months so I think it's important to have a little break before I get properly started on it. So this week I have been doing lots of catching up with friends, had a couple of nights out and am now spending Sunday afternoon snuggled in bed with more than my fair share of Irn Bru.

On Monday I headed through to Glasgow for the INAA blogger event, and for a cheeky wee night out afterwards. It seems like forever ago now, but it was only actually a few days ago - how time flies when you're having fun, eh? I (surprisingly) didn't actually feel too hungover the next day, but decided to play it safe (what an excuse!) and order a takeaway when I got back to Edinburgh. I spent the evening lying on the sofa watching films on Netflix; as much as I love nights out sometimes a movie marathon, all wrapped up in a blanket, is just the ticket.

One of my friends is up staying for the weekend, so on Friday we met up with another friend and headed to Morningside for a little bit of lunch at Luca's. Sometimes you just can't beat a big sandwich and an ice cream sundae! We also went out for dinner last night to Tuk Tuk which was really good. Lianne recommended it to me a couple of weeks ago, so we thought we'd take the opportunity to give it a try as it's just round the corner from my flat. They do Indian street food and tapas style dishes, so it was great to be able to share things and have a little nibble of everything. I particularly liked the butter chicken and the mini lamb burgers, yummmm. We chose 3 dishes each which was more than enough for a little feast - very generous portions, reasonably priced and most importantly it all tasted amazing. Would definitely recommend! After dinner we popped across the road to Henrick's for a couple of cocktails before heading back to the flat for some homemade versions. This inevitably ended up in a messy night at The Hive, which is why I've spent all day in bed today!

What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x

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