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I recently ran out of my usual perfume, so this little package from the lovely people at Cult Beauty couldn't have arrived at a better time. Escentric Molecules have created a range of scents which give you the benefits of a bespoke fragrance without the bespoke price tag. The perfumes are designed smell different on each person so everyone will have their own unique scent. I received the travel size (although, still a very generous 30ml considering it's travel size!) version of the original Molecule 01 scent to review. Aside from water and alcohol, the only ingredient in this is the mysterious sounding "Iso E Super" which has traditionally been used as a base note to add depth to perfumes, but in this case is the sole aroma. I was really intrigued by the whole idea of this as it sounded completely different to any perfume I had tried before.

Molecule 01 mixes with your natural pheromones (or something like that, I'm no scientist) to create your own bespoke fragrance, so what does it smell like on me? I'd say it's a very rich, deep scent which reminds me of Christmas trees and cinnamon. I usually go for fruity or slightly floral perfumes, so this is totally different to anything I would have picked out for myself. The first couple of times I used it I wasn't quite sure if I liked it, but I've been using it every day for the last few weeks and it has really grown on me. It's nice to have something completely different to my usual perfumes and this one feels very grown up! I've tried this perfume out on a couple of my friends as well, and it does smell slightly different on everyone - although not drastically so, it always has a similar woody, almost spicy, scent.

Immediately after you spray it, you can smell it quite strongly on yourself but after about 10 minutes or so it fades away and you can't really detect it on yourself, although other people can still smell it. I can't quite decide if this is a plus or a negative point for me - on the plus side, it doesn't get sickly or overpowering, but on the negative side I usually want to be able to smell my perfume as I wear it because I like it not because I want other people to think I smell nice! This also makes it difficult to gauge how often to reapply it, I'd be tempted to re-spray a few times throughout the day but this probably isn't necessary at all as it seems like a very good quality, strong perfume.

Overall I really like this perfume and I love the concept behind it. The scent on me seems quite wintery so I think I'll be using it a lot during the colder months, or for nights out when you can get away with a stronger perfume, but not sure if I'll use it as much during the summer. I'm pleasantly surprised by how much I like the scent as it's not the sort of thing I usually go for. I think £27 is a great price too, it's around the same price as 'high street' perfumes but you get a much more special, unique product. The full size is a little pricier at £65.50, but I like the idea of being able to try out the travel size first to make sure you like the scent before committing to a huge bottle of it.

Have you tried any Escentric Molecules perfumes?

Gillian x


  1. This looks amazing!

  2. This sounds so interesting! I've been wanting to try it for so long, but am not really a perfume kinda girl. I'm glad to hear you say it doesn't smell drastically different on everyone, because I was a little sceptical about how vastly different it could be when used by different people! I'd love to test it out on myself though, and see how it smells on me!

  3. I'm super undecided about what I think of this, I don't really like the scent on me but I love the concept!

    Jennie xo |

  4. Never heard of this before but I like the sound of it. I like having things no one else has so the idea of the perfume being unique to me is really appealing.


  5. I'm SO intrigued by this but its so hard to convince myself to part with the money when it could smell awful on me! for now I think it'll reside on my wishlist x

  6. I've been wanting to splash out on a bottle of this for a while now, and your post has made me want it even more. A definite wish list item. :)

    Ammy x


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