Mixtape: May


May Mixtape // via Spotify

Can you believe it'll be June in a few days? Madness. It still doesn't feel quite like summer yet, but at least the trees finally have leaves on them and I've been able to wear sunglasses on several occasions (okay, two). There's a couple more upbeat, summery type songs on this playlist than in my usual selections, but I'm definitely not ready to break out the summer jams quite yet. I finally upgraded to Premium Spotify this month so have been listening all my previous playlists lots as well as listening to plenty of new (and old) music.

Bright Eyes // Something Vague
Arcade Fire // Month of May
Transplants // Come Around
Dogs Die in Hot Cars // Somewhat Off the Way
Frightened Rabbit // Snake
The Shins // Baby Boomerang
Ladyhawk // Drunk Eyes
The Decemberists // The Engine Driver
The National // Sorrow
Rilo Kiley // With Arms Outstretched
Listen to "May" here.

What's on your playlist this month?

Gillian x


  1. I love Arcade Fire!

  2. Great playlist! I've been meaning to upgrade to Premium Spotify for ages xx

  3. I'm loving The National right now, so good x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  4. Haha, I was hoping that link would link to THE Summer Jam! So old! :D
    I enjoy your monthly playlists btw :D

  5. Cracking playlist. We've been listening all morning at Mallzee HQ!


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