How-To: Perfect Cat Eye Winged Eyeliner


Liquid eyeliner is one of those things where practice really does make perfect. A cat eye has been my staple, everyday makeup choice for the last 5 or so years so I've just about perfected my version of the classic look. Even after all this time, on some mornings my makeup looks like it has been done by a small child and I have to wipe it all off and start again - so don't worry too much if your first few attempts aren't exactly perfect!

You Will Need:
Concealer - Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer (Light)
Concealer brush - Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush (Starter Set)
Liquid eyeliner - Rimmel Glam Eyes (Black)
Eyelash curlers - Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers
Mascara - Benefit They're Real!
Cotton buds and makeup remover

perfect cat eye liner liquid eyeliner tutorial 1
perfect cat eye liner liquid eyeliner tutorial 2
perfect cat eye liner liquid eyeliner tutorial 3
perfect cat eye liner liquid eyeliner tutorial 4
1. After concealing your under-eyes, use whatever's left on your brush to sweep along your top lid. This helps to even out the colour of your lid and also helps the liner stay in place.
2. I prefer using a liquid liner with a thin brush, like this Rimmel one. I find them much easier to control than felt-tip nibs or sponge applicators. You could also experiment with gel or kohl liners, but I prefer to use a traditional liquid one. Just use whatever you feel most comfortable with. Use the centre of the lid as your starting point.
3-4. Using the natural shape of your eye as a guide, bring the liner down towards the outer corner. I find it easiest to use lots of short strokes rather than one fluid movement. Don't worry about the end being too neat as we'll fix it later when adding on the wing.
5-6. Go back to the inner corner and fill in the gap. Stay as close to the lashline as possible to keep this part thinner than the outer section of eyeliner. I don't line all the way to the inner corner, instead I usually leave the very corner bare so it's not too dramatic for an everyday look.
7. Once you've finished the first eye, do the same on the second. It's easier to get the 'base' of your eyeliner matching before you add in the wings. If they look uneven at this stage, you can make the liner a little bit thicker where necessary, or remove a little using a cotton bud soaked in makeup remover.

perfect cat eye liner liquid eyeliner tutorial 5
perfect cat eye liner liquid eyeliner tutorial 6
perfect cat eye liner liquid eyeliner tutorial 7
perfect cat eye liner liquid eyeliner tutorial 8
8-9. Now you can draw on the wings. I completely ignore that piece of advice that says you should work out the angle by drawing from the outer corner of your eye to the end of your eyebrow - madness, I'm trying to avoid the Amy Winehouse look if possible! Instead, I just follow the natural curve of my eyelashes (you can kind of see this in photo 8, the liner has the same shape as my outer lashes, just higher up). I also don't pull my skin taught to draw on the wing, as this just distorts it once you let the skin go. Draw on the 'top' of the wing first, then do the same on the other side to match them up before filling in the rest of the wing.
10. Create a triangle from the bottom of your outer corner to the top of the wing you've just drawn and fill it in. Once you've got the basic shape done, you can extend the wing a little further if you need to.
11. Makeup sure the join between liner and wing is nice and neat, and add a little bit more eyeliner if necessary to make sure it's a fluid curve rather than a sticky-out wing.
12. Do the same on the other eye. Match them up as much as possible, but they'll probably never look perfect! My eyes are a slightly different shape so it can be tricky to get them exactly the same, but as long as it's not completely ridiculous I doubt anyone is going to notice!
13-14. Curl your eyelashes and add lots of mascara. My favourite is still Benefit's They're Real!

perfect cat eye liner liquid eyeliner tutorial 9
Et voila! You now have perfect cat eyes! This is my everyday sort of liner, the wings aren't too big and the liner is a medium thickness. If I was doing my makeup for a night out, I would extend the wings a bit further and make the liner thicker towards the outer corners. For a more natural look, I'd make the liner very thin along most of my lid, and then just wing it out slightly at the end. Once you've mastered the liquid liner, it only takes about 5 minutes to do a cat eye so it instantly makes you look 'done' without having to bother with too much makeup. A good skill to have, I'd say!

Have you got any eyeliner top tips?

Gillian x


  1. I've been battling with liquid eyeliner for years, I think my eyes just don't want to have nice liner, I'm still going to give your tips a go just to see if I've finally found the simple trick to getting right :)
    Rosalie x

  2. Definitely trying your tips out, this makes it looks so much easier haha!
    Every time I attempt winged eyeliner I always go too over the top, I must start practicing more.

    Charlotte xo

  3. you look sooo pretty! love your eyeliner :)

  4. This is amazing! I've always wondered about that advice too, it is really odd and yeah although it seems to wake the eyes up a bit, going up towards the eyebrows means that I'm pretty much IN THE CREASE! You look like a pro at this - I think I'm gonna have to buy that eyeliner, the brush looks perfect <3

  5. Great tutorial Gillian!

  6. Finally a simple tutorial on winged eyeliner! booking marking this straight away :) x

  7. This is simply PERFECT <3

  8. Your wings are perfect! My best tip is with each practice comes better results, like with anything I suppose xx

    Jordan | Boho Vanity

  9. Great post! I love how much effort you've put into it. So many useful tips :)x

  10. This is such a great post! I've done cat eye flicks for about the past seven years but, like you, still mess them up pretty regularly. Definitely gonna try out some of your tips!

    And Katie / Beauty Blog x

  11. I always really admire your make-up, thanks for the tutorial! Xo

  12. such a lovely tutorial! They're real is also my favourite mascara :)! xx

  13. I've always loved your eye make up, and how you do your eyeliner! I've been watching michelle phan's eye liner tutorial and adopted her method of dotting the liner on and then filling in the lines. It has helped me to get a straighter line, especially when i'm still sleepy in the morning and my hands are so shaky! x


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