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1.One of the clothes rails 2.Metallic Zatchels satchel and other accessories 3.Statement necklaces 4.Cake stand full of bracelets 5.Bird jewellery holder 6.Cardboard patterned stag heads 7.Lotions and potions 8.Beautiful velvet chair 9.Kitchen accessories 10.Cutest teacups

When I got an email recently about the launch of a new Oliver Bonas store I was very intriged. I had never heard of the company before, but after a quick browse through their online store I knew it would be exactly my type of shop. The main reason that I'd never heard of Oliver Bonas before is because they're a London-based chain and the new store in Edinburgh is their very first Scottish shop. So earlier this week, I headed over to Hanover Street with Alex and Lianne to have an exclusive look round the new store.

Tucking into delicious summer berry cocktails courtesy of The Candy Bar and cupcakes from Bibi's Bakery, we had a wander round the shop to see what Oliver Bonas has to offer. I was pleasantly surprised by the huge range of different items they had managed to fill the shop with - everything from beautiful furniture to bath and body products, and summer dresses to cookery books. I love shops that have a bit of everything and you can just spend hours browsing through. It reminded me a bit of Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie etc. but with a more boutique feel; it didn't seem at all as though it was part of a larger chain. All the staff were extremely friendly and chatty too, which helped to give it that local, independent feel.

I ended up buying myself a dress (neon orange, eeep!) and a Korres Lip Butter whilst I was there, but I could have easily added half the shop to my shopping list had I not restrained myself! Everything was beautifully laid out, and I particularly enjoyed browsing through the homewares section - one day these velvet chairs will be mine. The shop also catered to a nice range of different budgets, with nick nacks and gifts for a couple of pounds, to reasonably priced £30-ish dresses, and all the way up to gorgeous furniture in the £300-500 range. The majority of things in the shop were very affordable, and could certainly compete with the more well-know high street shops.

I would be here forever if I listed all the products I loved, but hopefully the photos above give a little insight into some of the pretty things I spotted at Oliver Bonas. I really loved the statement jewellery, and one of those metallic Zatchels bags is top of my wishlist right now! The range of skincare and body products all smelled amazing, and there was a rhubarb body wash which particularly caught my eye (nose?). I also loved all the little kitchen accessories - a cheese knife shaped like a mouse! rainbow bowls and plates! a Beauty and the Beast-esque teacup! I very nearly bought myself this Diner recipe book but managed to persuade myself out of it, may have to go back and purchase that another day.

Oliver Bonas is a lovely wee shop, bright and beautifully decorated, and filled to the brim with all the clothes, accessories, homewares and gifts you could possibly want. It's located on 45A Hanover Street, and I'd definitely recommend having a look if you're in town. Oh, and Glasgow girls - an Oliver Bonas store is due to open on Byres Road later in June so keep your eyes peeled!

Gillian x


  1. I so need those teacups in my life!

    Ditto the deer heads.

  2. Those teacups! This store looks amazing, I'll need to check it out when the Byres Road one opens! Xo

  3. lovely post! and great photos!



  4. I feel that I need a mouse shaped cheese knife in my life! And at least one of those necklaces!

  5. I think that orange dress will look gorgeous on you. Can't wait to see it in an outfit post.


  6. Oh those necklaces and bracelets. Great pics.


  7. Those teacups looks like they belong in Beauty and the Beast ^_^ so adorable! Those necklaces are really beautiful too xoxo

  8. It looks like a little wonderland! I'll definitely be popping into the Byres Road store once it opens. :)

    Ammy x

  9. Oh lord, I am THERE asap.. also, ridiculously jealous of the cocktails & cupcakes x


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