Sunday Summary #70


1.Strawberry and passion fruit mojito 2.Lunch at Revolution 3.Cosy fire 4.Vintage shopping 5.Sunny Aberdeen 6.Afternoon cocktails 7.Burger and chips 8.Daffodils 9.Starter at Eat on the Green 10.ALL the desserts 11.Puppy pal

Whenever I'm on "holiday" all I ever seem to do is eat and drink, and those are the best kind of holidays in my opinion! I haven't been anywhere exciting, just visiting my parents near Aberdeen, but it has been nice to have a little break and spend some time away from my laptop. It was my mum's birthday on Friday so we went out for dinner to Eat on the Green, a lovely wee restaurant not too far from our house. They do 'taste selections' for starters and desserts where you can try mini versions of some of their most popular dishes, so I of course had to order both! I'm not really much of a dessert person (shock horror) but I loved being able to have a little sample of a few different things. I particularly liked the mini sticky toffee pudding, yummm. We've been to Eat on the Green quite a few times now and it's always excellent, so if you live near Aberdeen I'd definitely recommend it.

Just by chance, whilst I was up staying with my parents Lauren was also in Aberdeen, so on Thursday we met up in town for a spot of shopping, cocktails and food. I really needed a necklace to go with a new dress from Topshop which I've bought to wear to the Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards Evening tomorrow, so we popped into Primark and I picked up a nice little spiked number for the bargain price of £4. I got a couple of other little jewellery bits too but none of the clothes particularly caught my eye. After that, we headed over to Revolution for some cheeky little (large) lunchtime cocktails and some burgers. Nothing like a nice fruity cocktail in the afternoon sun to make you feel like it's summer!

I got the train back down to Edinburgh this afternoon and I must admit it is rather nice to be home now! The flat is in dire need of a good tidy but that can wait for another day, tonight I'm going to plan my outfit for tomorrow's event, catch up on all the TV I've missed over the last week or two, and eat as much ice cream as humanly possible. What have you got planned?

Gillian x


  1. The strawberry mojitos! Those little mixes for starters and deserts look yummy too. Perfect for me I can never decide what I want!

  2. I live in Aberdeen, the beautiful granite city :)

    Ayeisha x

  3. I want to drink one of those amazing mojitos everyday for the rest of my life. It looks YUMMY!

  4. oh god I love eat on the green! looks yummy! x

  5. Eating & drinking does a brilliant holiday make! So you haven't done it incorrectly. I wish more places did "sampler" plates of starters/desserts. I'm such a greedy guts - or I prefer saying that I just want to share my love - that I often want to try everything on the menu.

  6. These photos are perfect! Love food photos the best! Yum! x


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