Sunday Summary #69


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1.Pink Gin Fizz cocktail 2.Angels Share bar 3.Mini beef burgers and black pudding & pork belly oatcakes 4.Flower of Scotland cocktail - with a real flower encased inside an ice cube! 5.The Following and ice cream 6.Chandelier in the Angels Share 7.Tiny moon 8.Sunglasses weather

This week's Sunday Summary is coming to you from a slightly different location than usual; this weekend I'm at my grandparents' house in the Borders. It's my Grandma's birthday on Tuesday, so this weekend my mum, dad, brother and I are staying over, and this afternoon my aunt and uncle and one of my cousins are visiting too. We're having a big Sunday roast today to celebrate, so I better go off and help to peel tatties or something soon! My parents are going back home on Monday so I'll be hitching a lift back home with them too to have a little holiday. I was planning on going home around Easter, but I seem to have been really busy for the last few weeks so I'm only getting around to going home now!

This week has been the first week in aaaages that I haven't had any uni work to do and it feels GREAT. I've been catching up on so much TV and spending most of my time snuggled in my bed not doing much of anything. My brain is definitely appreciating having a little break! I started watching The Following this week and managed to watch all 13 episodes of the series so far in, erm, a day and half. Oops. I've also been catching up with the last season of True Blood, ready for when the next series starts soon. It's so ridiculous but I love it! In a similar vein, I've also just started watching Hemlock Grove on Netflix which seems quite True Blood-ish although not quite as good, but I'm only a couple of episodes in so far so I hope it improves as the series goes on.

I managed to drag myself away from the comfort of my bed on Thursday evening, though, for the launch of the Angels Share Hotel in Edinburgh. I went along with Lianne and we had a few drinks and canapes in the newly opened bar. The decor was lovely, lots of shiny surfaces, chandeliers and exposed brickwork - right up my street! We got to try some complimentary mini versions of some cocktails and we both loved the Pink Gin Fizz so much that we ordered full sized versions. They even came with a little sprinkling of popping candy on top, amazing! The canapes were really tasty as well, I think I'll definitely have to go back and sample the proper menu some time soon. I particularly liked the mini burgers - make anything mini and I will automatically like it 10 times more! The Angels Share is located just behind House of Fraser at the corner of Princes Street, so will be perfect for grabbing something to eat and and a wee cocktail or two - plus they have hotel rooms so it might be worth checking out if you're planning on booking a holiday to Edinburgh!

What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x


  1. I love the following, I'm just watching on sky though so well behind you. True blood I love too, the last series did get pretty weird. That new hotel looks gorgeous, where is it in Edinburgh?

    1. It's just behind House of Fraser at the corner of Princes Street, where the old Hudson hotel used to be :)

  2. The Following is the best, seriously addicted to that show (:
    I also watched it all in one go a couple of weeks ago (:

  3. Those burgers look amazing! I'm visiting Edinburgh in a few weeks time and am noting down all your recommendations!

  4. Those burgers look so cute and yummy. I'm definitely with you, anything mini is so much more enjoyable :) Have fun with your family

  5. Those burgers and the cocktails look amazing. Hope you've had a great weekend.

  6. I'm having an ice cream and movie night :) xx

  7. such a lovely place for a night out with friends and nice drinks :)

    would you like to follow each other?

  8. That cocktail sounds AMAZING! Hope your Grandma had a good birthday!

    Maria xxx

  9. Suddenly desperate for a cocktail...x


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