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I'm sure you all know what HD Brows are by now. I first heard about them a couple of years ago and have been toying with the idea of getting them done ever since. I came thiiissss close to booking myself an appointment towards the end of last year, but then I got a full fringe cut in and decided it would be a bit of a waste to get my brows beautified if no one could see them! So when Zen Lifestyle held a beauty networking event this week to celebrate the Teviot Place salon's recent makeover I jumped at the chance to try out the HD Brows for myself.

After a catch up with some of the Scottish bloggers and a few (too many, probably) glasses of prosecco, I had an explore round the salon. I've walked past many a time as it's just across the road from where I have my university classes, but this was the first time I'd been in to Zen. The upstairs was lovely and bright, and was decorated beautifully. I can imagine it has a really nice, calm atmosphere if it's not packed full of bloggers! Downstairs, there are more treatment rooms which looked really relaxing and I loved the soft purple lighting and super pretty white furniture. Fiona, Zen's Director, talked us through some of the treatments they have on offer - everything from massages to facials, and laser hair removal to shellac manicures. For a few more photos of the event, have a look at my blog's Facebook page.

After a look around, I headed back to one of the treatment areas downstairs to get my HD Brows done. It was a pretty quick process (only around 15-20 minutes, for some reason I expected it to be longer!) and my lovely therapist talked me through what she was doing. You start off by discussing what you'd like your brows to look like - I was pretty happy with the overall shape of mine, but I wanted them to be a bit neater and more symmetrical. Then you can lie back and let someone else do the hard work! The HD Brows treatment consists of a tint, as well as shaping, waxing, threading and tweezing, and is finished off with some brow powder and mineral makeup to make sure your brows are looking as good as they possibly can. I've never had my brows waxed or threaded before (I know right) so was a bit worried that it would hurt, but it was really quick and not at all painful.

Overall, I really love the results. My brows weren't in terrible shape before so there's not a huuuge difference, but I can definitely tell they're much neater and more precise than before. If your brows are badly in need of a reshape, I would definitely recommend trying out HD Brows! I think the thing I'm most impressed with is the eyebrow tint - it's not too obvious, but just subtly darkens the eyebrows to give a fuller, natural look. If I'm doing very natural makeup I don't want my brows to look over done, but I hate leaving them completely naked, so this is perfect to make them look a bit more shapely without having to fill them in. I haven't quite decided if I would get the HD Brows done again - I really like the result, but not sure if there's a big enough difference for me personally to continue getting them done. On average, the results should last around 4 weeks and it costs £38 per treatment. I do, however, love the tint and even if I didn't get the HD Brows again I think I would definitely get my brows tinted - Zen also do an eyebrow tint for £13 which is a bit more purse friendly! I'll be closely keeping an eye on my brows this month to decide whether to get them HD'd again.

Thanks very much to Zen for hosting a lovely event and letting me try out the HD Brows, I'm sure I'll be back to sample some of the other treatments soon too! As well as Teviot Place, Zen also have salons on Hanover Street and Bruntsfield Place if you're in Edinburgh and fancy treating yourself.

Have you tried HD Brows before?

Gillian x


  1. I'm getting HD Brows for the first time this week and I cannot wait! Your's look amazing, perfect arch :)



  2. They look great Gillian, so nice to meet youx

  3. Your brows look so much fuller and thicker! I always get my brows tinted; but by Benefit- I love their distinct brow arch x


  4. Your brows looked lovely when I saw them on the night :) Very pin up :)

  5. GURL your eyebrows look amazing! Super lush and healthy. Get me some of that x

  6. It was lovely to see you at the event :) your brows look fantastic :) the staff were so lovely & it was nice to just mingle with everyone :) xx

  7. They look great!! I've been debating about HD brows or going to the Benefit Brow Bar.

  8. oooh they do that in the salon opposite my house, need to try it. They look great xx

  9. looks fab! i really like how they neaten up the inner corners. think i could definitely do with an hd brows treatment! xx

  10. I've never tried HD brows before, in fact I only had my first ever(!) eyebrow wax a couple of weeks ago. I also know, right! It was a bit of an eyewaterer (new word right there) but I love that it's so easy to keep 'em all neat now. Tweeze as you go. Yours look fab!

  11. I'm sorely tempted to get HD brows. I'm obsessed with my eyebrows, to be honest - as long as my eyebrows are filled and I have mascara on I can just about leave the house without doing any other make-up. Seeing your results from Zen has spurred me on a bit. I might need to have it done and throw up a review myself!


  12. They look great! Was a great event :) xo


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