Sunday Summary #66


1.Vintage suitcases at Hotel du Vin 2.Drinks at the Next Home event 3.Lunchtime 4.Bookshelves 5.All crockery should be heart shaped, new bowl from Next* 6.Face 7.Getting ready 8.Drunky drunk

Ohhhh dearrrrr, I'm feeling a little worse for wear today after rather a lot of vodka last night. I haven't been out in ages so it was nice to do a bit of drinking and dancing - not enjoying the hangover quite so much though! As soon as I'm finished writing this post I think I'll have to order a takeaway, definitely necessary. I'm just calling today a complete write off, got lots I should be doing but it can wait until tomorrow - this evening I won't be doing much more than watching Netflix and drinking my bodyweight in Irn Bru.

Earlier this week I went to the Next Home event which I really enjoyed and it was lovely as always to catch up with some Scottish bloggers. Part of the event was held at Hotel du Vin which was so nice inside. I've walked past many times but had never been in before, will definitely have to persuade my parents to take me there for some drinks next time they're visiting! It seems like there's loads of blogging events going on at the moment up here, which is nice. It's crazy how much blogging has expanded in the three or so years since I started this here little bloglet. I'll be heading along to the Zen beauty event next week too, is anyone else going?

After my weekend of having fun and lazing about, it'll be back to essay writing next week. My next essay's not due until the 11th but so far I haven't really done any reading for it so I better get cracking soon! I had my last ever university class this week which was really weird, can't believe I've been here for 5 years, whaaatttt. I've really enjoyed doing my Masters but I think I've had enough of learning now and am quite looking forward to getting a proper job later this year (well, hopefully anyway!) and earning some money. And not having to write essays will definitely be a bonus too!

What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x


  1. Goodness me, your going out face is just gorgeous!
    I totally get your 'done with studying' stance- I need out of the library!
    I haven't been out in forever and have spent this week in Masters essay hell but it has been nicely balanced with lots of chocolate today...xx

  2. Love the heart shaped bowls- so cute! See you at Zen x


  3. This vintage suitcases are beautiful! Love your bookshelf Gillian, I need to get a bigger one like that, the one I have now is getting too full :/ xx

  4. aww i can't wait to have a little browse of all the new cute stuff in next, that bowl is perfect! looking forward to the zen event too, should be fun :) xx

  5. I saw that little photo frame with the two hearts in next the other day, wish I picked it up there and then as it is so cute! xo

  6. Lovely pics! Love your make up in no. 6 :)


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