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Topshop Lip Crayon in Powder Room // £7

I've been hearing people rave about Topshop makeup for ages, but had never got round to buying any as I'm not actually in Topshop that often and wanted to have a look at it in person first rather than buying online. I was originally intending to buy a lipstick, but none of the colours really jumped out at me so I had a look at the lip crayons instead. Again, none of the shades looked particularly amazing, but I was in one of those moods where I was determined to buy something. I think the range of shades available is pretty rubbish, everything seemed to be either super pale and nude or really dark and bright - there was nothing in the inbetween rosy pink/coral red etc. shade range that are the sort of ones I wear the most. Anyway, I finally settled on Powder Room as I thought it looked like a nice peachy pink when swatched on my hand and would be a good everyday sort of shade.

But boy, was I wrong. I don't think there is a single thing I like about this product, it was a complete and utter waste of £7. Firstly, the colour. This is probably a little bit my fault as I already know pale/nude shades don't suit my skintone, but swatched on my hand it wasn't quite as light as I was expecting so I thought I'd be able to get away with it. When applied to the lips, however, it becomes a very pale, chalky Barbie pink, almost verging on neon because it's so light/bright. It's all a bit too Nicki Minaj for me. I also don't like the fact that you have to sharpen the pencil to get more product out, rather than being able to twist up the base which is so much easier and more practical.

Next up, the finish. I took ages to decide between Wave Goodbye and Powder Room as they're pretty much identical colours, but Wave Goodbye has a glossy finish and Powder Room is matte. I finally decided on Powder Room as usually I like matte lipsticks, but this is like matte times a billion. The pencil glides on to the lips quite easily, but the second it dries it leaves a very solid, powdery, thick matte finish. It is seriously so dry, you can't even rub your lips together - like, you physically can't. What?! It feels really weird and heavy on the lips and does not look nice at all. I wouldn't say I have particularly dry lips, but this lip colour clings to every single line and the tiniest of dry patches which makes your lips look cracked and chapped. It doesn't look very nice in the photos, and it's so much worse in real life. I have tried applying lip balm before/after putting on the lip pencil, but neither seemed to help at all.

I guess the only redeeming feature would be that it's pretty long lasting (although, I wouldn't want this on my lips for any length of time!). With most lipsticks, you can just wipe them off with the back of your hand or a tissue, but with the Topshop lip crayon you have to use actual makeup remover. I haven't worn this out of the house because it looks horrendous, but if I had I'm pretty sure it would have stayed put all day without the need for touch ups.

So, in conclusion, I would 100% not recommend this product. Even if the colour suited you, the finish is so terrible I can't understand how anyone would be able to wear it and make it look nice. I'm sure I've probably just chosen a bad product as my first foray into Topshop makeup, but it's really putting me off spending any money on the rest of the range. Is there anything you would recommend?

Gillian x


  1. I bought this lip stick too as well of a couple of their lippys after reading so many raves and hated them all! really really regret buying them as i've used them like only once? the only thing i've liked out of the topshop range is their highlighter which is laaaavly!

    1. although i do think the colour suits you :)

  2. I think the color actually suits you :)

  3. I really like the lip crayons, I know Hedonist would look amazing on you! It is a little drying though so have a lip balm on hand. I wish I could pull off this shade too, darn our pale skins! xo

  4. I've never used any Topshop lip crayons (therefore don't know the finish), but I happen to think it looks great on you! :O


  5. Your review confirms my suspicions about the Topshop lip crayons, what a waste of £7 :( xx
    Lisa |

  6. I do like their blushes, especially neon rose!

  7. I'm still to try some topshop make up, ive been thinking about trying the lipsticks first because they're so hyped up! this colour looks lovely on you, really suits you :)

    Jessica xxx

  8. I've not tried the lip crayons but I really like the one lipstick I've tried by Topshop. I think I'll stick to using their powder highlighters and cream blushes.


  9. This sounds awful! Totally different colour on the lips than in the swatch and can see exactly what you mean about a powdery matte finish, won't be bothering with these! I've got 2 lipsticks which are fine - nothing bad to say but nothing to write home about and I really like the nail varnish but otherwise I haven't been overly attracted to the make up range. I've heard good things about the Credcent Moon highlighter, the cream blush and the glow pots, so I might give them a whirl but overall I can't say it's a range I've been going crazy for!

  10. Such a shame about the finish, the colour looks beautiful swatched! Have you tried the Velvet Matte Lip Pencils from NARS? They're a similar concept and come in a really wide range of shades; I'm a massive NARS fan so I imagine they'd be slightly better quality too!

  11. I LOVE my Topshop Lip Crayon in Secret Party. It's got a much nicer finish than Powder Room seems to! I've got 2 regular lipsticks too, Brighton Rock and Macaroon. They're good too.

    Such a shame this looks like a disappointment, always gutting when that happens.

    Emily Jane xo

  12. The only Topshop makeup product I've ever bought is a cream blush. But other than that, none of the other makeup products jump out at me. It's all a bit samey samey to me. But love this review and your honesty!


  13. nice to see a bad review, too many bloggers dont give honest opinions about stuff. i really dont think topshop makeup deserves the hype it gets, ive tried quite a bit of it and ALWAYS been unimpressed by it. it's pretty expensive and the quality is poor. much prefer h&m's makeup range... nail varnishes and eyeshadows are lovely, and affordable.

    i think if it were more glossy, the colour would suit you more. i struggle with pale lip colours myself, i stick with what suits me these days (so sick of using a lippy once and then wanting to bin it immediately!).

  14. I agree with you - it looks a bit Nicki Minaj to me too! xx

  15. Oddly enough I love the colour on you and I really think you don't like Nicki Minaj with it at all! But Im so sad to hear that these Topshop lip crayons are that bad :( I was really looking forward to trying them out. Ah, well. You win some, you lose some. Thanks for being honest!

    Kimberley xx

  16. That's a shame about the finish, as I think the colour really suits you actually!

    Great to read such a honest review.


  17. I know what you mean about the shade range! pale shades rarely suit me and I can never be bothered with a dark lip these days I just need nice easy colours. it sounds awful! xxx

  18. The swatch colour is gorgeous. Not so fond of how it looks on the lips though!
    I was actually thinking of being a bit adventurous and buying one of the bolder colours, but knowing that it has such a matte, chalky finish has put me off now!
    Think I might still try out a lipstick though. Hopefully those have a better texture.

    Ammy x

  19. This is such a gorgeous colour!

    Maria xxx

  20. Really need to get my hands on this lip crayon! You look so pretty

    A little bit Unique



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