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Benefit Fake Up Concealer // £18.50*

On Monday evening I headed through to Glasgow for the launch party of Benefit's newest concealer, Fake Up. The Benefit girls organised a lovely wee event at Hugh's Champagne Bar in House of Fraser where we were treated to some glasses of bubbly and canapes, and given all the details about the exciting new product. Benefit's head makeup and trend artist, Lisa Potter-Dixon, showed us how to use Fake Up and gave us a few top tips about how to apply it to achieve a flawless finish. As usual, I was having too much fun chatting about makeup and knocking back the champagne to take very many photos, but there's a few from the night up on my Facebook page. Huge thanks to the Benefit team for organising another lovely event in Scotland - after all, the Benefit counter in Glasgow House of Fraser is the best selling Benefit counter in the whole of Europe don't you know!

Anyway, on to the review now. Fake Up is the newest addition to Benefit's range of concealers and aims to hydrate, brighten and conceal dark circles and blemishes. The creamy concealer makes up the core of the product, and it is surrounded by a hydrating ring which locks moisture in to the skin. Fake Up contains lots of Vitamin E and apple seed extract to help hydrate the skin and keep your concealer looking perfect all day.

Fake Up is available in three shades and, of course, I am the 'Light' one as usual! I was surprised by how pigmented the concealer is, being so moisturising I was worried the concealer itself might end up a bit too sheer. But I was definitely wrong, just one swipe of this and dark circles instantly vanish. I don't think it's quite as good at covering up redness/blemishes, but for under eyes it really is great. I apply it in a v-shape underneath the eyes and then blend it in gently with my finger to get an even coverage. I don't think I've ever used a concealer before that is so good at hiding dark circles whilst still looking natural. In the close-up photo above, I'm wearing a little bit of Origins VitaZing moisturiser all over my face and Fake Up under my eyes and a little bit around my nose. My dark circles are completely gone, and you can hardly even tell I'm wearing concealer - hallelujah! Add a bit of foundation and mascara and I'm good to go.

Fake Up is specially formulated to avoid creasing, and I definitely think it lives up to expectations. It glides on smoothly and stays put all day, without looking heavy or cakey. The past few months I've really become aware of some little lines appearing under my eyes (I'm getting oooold, sob) and adding concealer just seemed to accentuate this. Fake Up manages to smooth over these lines and leave you with a nice natural base - it definitely doesn't hide fine lines, but the product doesn't settle in them either. Nothing worse than a horrible creased mess under your eyes! It feels nice and soothing on the eye area as well, as it's so hydrating. A bit like a lip balm for your face, but in a good way!

As Fake Up is so moisturising, it has quite a dewy finish to it. I prefer matte makeup, so I set it with a little bit of my favourite Chanel loose powder, using the Real Techniques Setting Brush. Benefit claim the concealer will last all day, crease-free, on its own but I'm afraid I haven't tested this out as I really dislike the dewy look on me! I've found it has great staying power with the addition of a tiny dusting of powder though, so no complaints in that department.

Overall, I think this is a fantastic under eye concealer which is really hydrating and leaves you with a natural finish. I'm a little bit in love with it! I don't think it's that great for covering up blemishes, so I'll still continue to use something a little more heavy-duty for that, but it's so perfect for covering up dark circles. Fake Up will be available online and at Benefit counters from the end of March.

Will you be adding Fake Up to your beauty wishlist?

Gillian x


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  2. This new concealer sounds fantastic! Can't wait for its release x

  3. This looks amazing! I definitely want to get my hands on this! x

  4. Oh this looks so good! I really want to try it.


  5. I love the packaging of this! So pretty! Waiting for it to reach our shore, I can't wait xx

  6. This looks amazing, I need some help to cover my under eye bags!

    Maria xxx

  7. I love how innovative it is, it's refreshing to see somethng different pop up! I will definitely try this! xx

  8. This looks amazing. Benefit always have good concealers and I'm sure this one will be making it's way onto my wish list! :)
    Catherine x
    Brighton Girl

  9. Wow I would love to try this new concealer seems awesome

    Thanks for the review :)

    Leslie xx

  10. I was invited to the Leeds launch of this product but I can't go, so gutted! It looks amazing xo

  11. Looks like a nice product, I'm interested to try :)


  12. Do you think it's better than touché éclat for dark circles?


    1. I've never used Touché Éclat so I have no idea I'm afraid! x

  13. Great review as always Gillian. I love the look of of these, seems a little expensive if it doesn't cover blemishes so much though as that's what I look for in a concealer mainly. xo

  14. Thanks for such a helpful post. I'm been intrigued by this product but quite sceptical as I've never found a concealer that doesn't settle into my fine lines. After reading your review I'll definitely be taking the plunge and picking one up x Becky

  15. OH WOW. Amazing results! Benefit is levelling up on their concealers def!

  16. I've tried this in store and I really love it. Don't know if I would buy it though since I already have and love the Benefit Erase Paste. They seem quite similar but the Erase Paste is super pinky which to me is better at combating those dark eye circles. Decisions decisions..


  17. Excellent review and I am sure to check out this products

  18. Wow, looks great! Cant wait to try this! Great review.


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