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Dress: Warehouse*
Blazer: Primark
Brooch: Vintage
Ring: Primark
Shoes: New Look

It feels like it's been ages since I last did an outfit post, all I seem to wear these days is pyjamas and occasionally a big jumper and leggings when I'm forced to leave the house. But recently the lovely people at Warehouse sent me this pretty jacquard dress so I was organised for once and remembered to take outfit photos before I left the house. I love that it's now just about bright enough take outfit photos in the evening (well, 5pm), hooray! I really love Warehouse dresses, they're around the same price as the likes of Topshop but I think they're better quality and just seem a bit nicer in general. I really like the graphic jacquard pattern on this dress, it's quite bold without being too in your face. And you really can't go wrong with a good old skater-style dress.

When I was shopping the other week, I spotted this blazer in Primark in the sale for just £7. It's not the sort of thing that I would have normally picked up, but when I noticed how cheap it was I just couldn't say no. I love the dusky pink colour of it, and I think it will really help to brighten up some of my spring and summer outfits. It's not a very "me" sort of colour (i.e. not black) but I'm glad I ended up buying it!

How amazing is this brooch?! I got it in a tiny little antiques shop in the middle of nowhere a few summers ago when I was on an afternoon jaunt to the countryside with my mum. I don't really wear blazers/dressy jackets very often, but I need to start wearing them more, just so I have an excuse to wear this brooch. I can't remember how much it cost but it was probably pretty cheap - definitely a bit of old costume jewellery rather than a bona fide antique!

The shoes are another recent addition to my wardrobe. Usually I go for completely flat shoes or high heels, but for some reason these mid-heels caught my eye in New Look and I decided to buy them. They've got a wee bit of a platform and they're quite chunky, so they don't verge too close to kitten heel territory. They're the perfect shoes for dinner/pubbing etc. when you want something a little bit dressy but can't be bothered tottering around in 5 inch heels all night. They're really comfy, are easy to walk in, and they look nice. Winner.

Gillian x


  1. you look wonderful! love the outfit.

  2. You look lovely! I really like the pattern on that dress and I have to admit I've never really bought anything from Warehouse before! Love how simple and pretty your make up is
    Cute brooch too ^_^


  3. i have this lovely dress too and blogged about it :) it looks gorgeous on you xxx

  4. You look gorgeous, I love the shoes and the dusky pink is lovely!

    Maria xxx

  5. Your hair is looking babelicious <3

  6. This outfit is perfect, I'm always mega jealous when you post OOTDs x

  7. Love them shoes :) check out my giveaway on my blog! xx


  8. that brooch finishes the blazer off PERFECTLY. Love this look.

    Emily Jane xo

  9. Gorgeous outfit as always Gillian :) I love the colour of that blazer and those shoes look perfect, cute and comfy!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  10. Love the broach - and the dress! So so pretty <3

  11. Lovely dress! I tried on those exact shoes the other day - I love them but can't get on with the platform :( x x

  12. looking so pretty so nice hair style . pretty outfit . nice blog . i like it
    Parfum pas cher.

  13. so jealous of your long hair :( xx

  14. I love your outfit, you look great!
    Your blog is so pretty, definitely following you now :)


  15. That blazer is such a beautiful colour for you. I'm totally excited about the lighter evenings too, I can't wait till I can take photos outside after work xo


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