Mixtape: February


February mixtape // via Spotify

I know I say this every month, but is it really almost March already? In my defence, February is a shorter month than all the other ones, but still. I think the weather really influences what I listen to, and this month the weather has been rather dreary - cue lots of sad, acoustic songs on my playlist. Most of these songs are old favourites, but there's also a few new (to me) discoveries which I've found using the "Related Artists" feature on Spotify. It's a really easy way to find music that you'll probably like, and doesn't require any effort or searching which is perfect for lazy people like me! What's on your playlist this month?

Luke Temple // More Than Muscle
Sad Brad Smith // Everyone Knows I'm Still in Love with You
Violent Femmes // Blister in the Sun
Dawn Landes // I Won't Back Down
Damien Rice // 9 Crimes
Alkaline Trio // Maybe I'll Catch Fire (Acoustic)
Bright Eyes // Lua
Elliott Smith // Stupidity Tries
Sebadoh // On Fire
Travis // Closer
Listen to "February" here.

Gillian x


  1. I love 9 crimes ever since a friend of mine did a cover back in the myspace days!
    Can't wait to listen to the playlist :)
    Nat xx

  2. I'm really into Peace right now after seeing them on the NME Tour and as always listening to the Manics and Morrissey x

  3. Great post idea : )Im off to have a listen

  4. love your playlist <3 I'm a big violent femmes fan, and 9 crimes is awesome xoxo



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