Sunday Summary #56



1.Hot chocolate 2.New boots from the sales 3.Snowy 4.Bought myself a new phone

From the looks of Twitter and Instagram, it seems that just about everywhere in the UK has been covered in snow this week. There wasn’t any snow here until Friday evening then it was quite heavy for a few hours, but most of it has melted away now, boo! 50% of people seem to hate the snow and the other 50% seem to love it – I would definitely put myself in the latter group. I think it helps that everywhere I need to be is within walking distance, if I had to drive or get the train anywhere I think it would be a different story! I was going to go out for a little walk yesterday and take some nice photos of the snow, but it was starting to look pretty slushy (and I also I didn’t really want to get out of bed) so I didn’t bother. I think it’s meant to snow again tonight/tomorrow so might go tomorrow instead. Possibly. Or I might just stay at home and eat soup all day.

I’ve been thinking about buying a new phone for months, and finally gave in this week and ordered myself a Samsung Galaxy S3. I was trying to hold out until I was due for an upgrade in August, but my old phone was just too rubbish to deal with any more. I was a bit reluctant to shell out so much money for a phone, but I spent all of yesterday setting it up and testing it out and omgggg it’s amazing. It loads everything so quickly and can do loads of things at once, plus the screen is so bright and sharp, and it takes really nice photos. Yeah, I basically love it. I’ve been downloading so many apps – mostly useful stuff but I also may have got The Sims Free Play and Nemo’s Reef. Oops. Any suggestions of good apps I should download? And also any links to pretty phone covers?

It was my first week back at uni this week so I haven’t really been up to much else, just getting back into the swing of things. I haven’t got very many classes this semester as I’ll mostly be concentrating on my internship and my dissertation. The dissertation’s not due until the end of August, but I suppose I’ll have to start doing the research for it pretty soon. I just started my internship at an archive this week and I’m going to be researching some material that’s never been looked at before which is super exciting (well, it’s probably not very exciting to you, but to me it is!).

Hope you’ve all had a great week, have you been off adventuring in the snow or staying tucked up indoors?

Gillian x


Freelance social media and digital marketing consultant with a penchant for writing blog posts, drinking sickly sweet cocktails and exploring the cobbled streets of Edinburgh.


  • Nats says:

    Those are the first ugg boots I've seen that I actually think look nice! Usually I'm quite on the fence about UGGs as so many people have them and they just make your ankles look weird.

    I love the snow too! I went for a walk with my dog during the week (because she actually likes walking when it's snowed) but this weekend I haven't profited at all as I have a lung infection 🙁 worst kind of thing, seeing the lovely snow outside yet not being able to go out! Xx

  • hannah says:

    Your Ugg boots are gorgeous, and perfect for this weather too! I'm in dire need of a phone upgrade too, but I can upgrade mine in Feb so I'm holding out. I have no idea about phones though, but yours sounds great so I may have to check that out. Will be interested to see if anyone can link you to any pretty covers too! I hope you're enjoying being back at uni 🙂 x

  • I really am so envious how how beautiful England looks right now in the snow… can't believe I won't be seeing it til the next winter!

    x Michelle |

  • Rachel P says:

    I'm in the snow loving group too 🙂 glad you got some! Down in Kent there hadn't been much before last night but it hasn't stopped snowing since about 8 this morning. Love your uggs 😀 xx

  • Kirsty M says:

    Ooooh, love the boots! I didn't realise Ugg did those kind of boots, but I approve! I'm also in the snow-loving category but whyyyy did Edinburgh only get such a light sprinkling?! It's totally disappeared now. I need some more to make a snow angel and get a day off, please xx

  • Marta says:

    Those boots are gorgeous! I love snow so much but I live in the centre of the city so I can get anywhere on foot. It's not that easy for some of my friends and I understand they hate it :)x

  • I can never decide if I love the snow or hate it! I haven't been able to get to uni most of this week which has been really frustrating because I need help with my project 🙁 Plus my car is stuck in the driveway so I can't go anywhere.

    My Iphone contract runs out at the end of this year and I'm thinking of getting a Samsung Galaxy 😀 It all depends on my financial situation really because I finish uni next year and won't have a student loan to pay for another expensive phone.

  • Cherry says:

    Great boots!

  • I love your snowy picture! It's snowed pretty bad here, pretty much non stop for two whole days. My other half is having to get her car towed out of our drive as I write this, so she can get to work tomorrow- we live on a hill, and the drive slopes down into a ditch which her car fell into! Crazy! The world goes mental when it snows x

  • Vic says:

    Ooh, I've been looking at the Galaxy – it does seem like a lot to pay for a phone though! Also, those boots? I love them!

  • Rose Sergent says:

    That hot chocolate looks lush! Perfect for this weather.

  • Mmm gorgeous boots! So so jealous of your lovely new phone, my battered old Blackberry (as much as I love her) isn't qutie up to scratch these days haha

  • Maria Fallon says:

    Those boots look amazing and I am super jealous of your shiny new phone!

    Maria xxx

  • Jules says:

    can't believe those boots are uggs!!!

    And whilst I love to look at the snow, I can't go out in it!!! 🙁

  • kirstyb says:

    the Ugg boots are cute

  • Loving your new boots lady, they are gorgeous! I am completely in the loving the snow camp so, its just so fun and makes me so happy to play about in it. I was too slow to make a snowman though and am really sad that it didn't lie today, even though was snowing so heavily for hour!
    Lianne x

  • Jaz xo says:

    Wow that hot chocolate looks lush! xo

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