Sunday Summary #54


1.Hogmanay fireworks 2.Walking the dog at the beach 3.Sea 4.Recent reading material 5.NYE outfit 6.Out for dinner and the theatre 7.Dirty Dancing the musical

How is it Sunday again already? This week seems to have flown by. Luckily, as one of those lazy studenty types, I haven’t had to worry about going back to work quite yet – I’ve got another week of lazing around before it’s back to normality. Hope you all had a great New Year’s Eve, did you go out or stay in? This year was the first time in ages that I bothered doing anything for Hogmanay and I had such a good time, so glad I made the effort this year! A few friends came over to the flat for drinks and then just before midnight we headed round the corner to the Bruntsfield Links to watch the fireworks from Edinburgh Castle. I’d had quite a bit to drink by this point so my photography skills were not up to standard, of about 50 photos only 2 or 3 were actually in focus! I also took a video of the fireworks but obviously forgot that cameras also record sound as you can hear me cackling and singing Auld Lang Syne rather loudly in the background – horrific. After the fireworks, we went out to a club and finally crawled home at about 5am. The weird takeaway downstairs from the flat seemed to be the only place in Edinburgh which was open, so we of course had to get some spag bol on the way home.

The whole of Tuesday was spent in bed, attempting not to move too much and to drink as much Irn Bru as humanly possible. By Wednesday I was back on form, however, and got myself all dolled up to go out for dinner and then to the Playhouse to see Dirty Dancing. I love Dirty Dancing (who doesn’t) and the soundtrack is probably my favourite part, so a stage musical version of it was totally dreamy. It was an absolute cheese-fest but I loved it, it’s on for another week in Edinburgh so if you’re a Dirty Dancing fan I would definitely recommend it!

As for the rest of the week, things have been pretty quiet. As I’ve got another week of holidays left, I got the train back up to my parents’ house on Friday to take advantage of home comforts for as long as possible. Yesterday afternoon we went to the beach to take Moss for a walk. Sadly he wouldn’t sit still long enough to take a nice photo – he was far too busy chasing his rugby ball! – but the sky was looking quite pretty. Ma and pa and the dog are away out again today, but I am tucked up in bed watching TV and catching up on blogging – I’ve had my share of exercise for the week!

How has your first week of 2013 been?

Gillian x


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  • Marta says:

    You look stunning in that red dress. Just woww! I'm so jealous of you getting a chance to see Dirty Dancing musical, it must be so good :)x

  • Imogen says:

    I have serious fringe envy! Is the Mindy Kaling book any good? <3

  • Cherry says:

    I wish I could capture fireworks as well as this!

  • Lacey says:

    Wow, you look amazing in that red dress!! You are so gorgeous 🙂

    LaceyLoves x

  • Rosie says:

    Jealous of your student-ness, I went back to work last week and it was RUBBISH! Could definitely do with another week off! Your beach photos are lovely and your NYE outfit is gorgeous! xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  • Shabna says:

    Love the photos, you look lovely! I have another week off, I'm so glad haha! x

  • GEMBEAR says:

    alright boobies!

    i saw the fireworks from the flat. always impressive in edinburgh xo

  • jennie says:

    Your NYE outfit is gorge! <3

    Jennie xo |

  • LOVE the NYE dress! I loved Dirty Dancing when I saw it, may need to see if I can nab any last minute tickets!

  • Laura says:

    Ahh you actually got a decent view from the Links. I was on the other side of the Meadows and totally agree about the lack of decent photos when you're a bit inebriated.. haha x

  • Lauren says:

    The beach photo's are lovely. I've read The Snow Child, it's pretty good xx

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