Recipe: DIY Nando's Chicken Wrap


homemade nandos peri peri chicken wrap recipe 6
homemade nandos peri peri chicken wrap recipe 2
homemade nandos peri peri chicken wrap recipe 3
homemade nandos peri peri chicken wrap recipe 5
homemade nandos peri peri chicken wrap recipe 7

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Nando's. Sometimes it's the best thing ever, other times I'm just like "I paid £15 for a bit of chicken and some salad, and they didn't even take my order?!". Good news though, it's super easy to make at home. I'm not even sure I should have put "recipe" in the title of this post, because it's really is that easy - more just a bunch of ingredients chucked together and put inside a wrap. I always order either a chicken wrap or pitta, and here's how to recreate it in the comfort of your own kitchen (sadly no supply of endless juice though).

You Will Need:
Chicken breasts
Tortilla wraps
Peri Peri sauce
Spices (whatever you fancy - chilli powder/flakes, coriander etc.)
Lemon juice
Olive oil
Mixed salad
Sweet potato
Halloumi cheese
Tinned pineapple

1. Turn the oven to 180°C. Prepare the chicken and cut it in to medium-sized pieces if necessary. Add it to a dish along with some olive oil, crushed garlic, lemon juice, peri peri sauce/marinade and whichever spices you'd like. You can buy peri peri seasoning for this, but I just like to use the Nando's sauce (which you can buy in most supermarkets now) as it's more multi-purpose. You can easily customise this to suit whichever is your favourite type of marinade - lemon and herb, mango and lime, hot or mild etc.
2. Meanwhile, peel your potatoes and cut them into chips. I like my chips small and crispy, but you could easily make them chunky wedges if you prefer. Add them to a pan of water and par-boil for around 5 minutes. Drain, and toss with a little bit of olive oil and any seasonings you'd like - I just stuck with a little bit of salt and pepper.
3. Spread out the chips on a tray and put in the oven. Check after 10 minutes, give them a shake and cook for another 10. While they're cooking, peel your sweet potatoes and add to a pan of boiling water. They should take around 15 minutes to cook.
4. Around 5 minutes before the chips and sweet potatoes are ready, add the chicken to a hot grill and grill until cooked through. Once the chicken's cooked, add the halloumi cheese and pineapple to the grill too and give them a couple of minutes to warm up.
5. Mash the sweet potatoes, adding a little bit of butter and some black pepper, and then get your salad ready - I like mixed salad leaves with chopped red peppers, red onions and cucumber and a little bit of balsamic dressing. Take the chips out of the oven, pop everything from the grill on to a plate and warm the wraps up for 30 seconds in the microwave.
6. Now it's time for assembly! Take a wrap and and spread it with mayonnaise and/or peri peri sauce. Pile on some salad, chicken, halloumi and pineapple and wrap it up. Serve it along with some extra salad, a little bowl of sweet potato mash and, of course, some chips. Done!

So tasty and pretty quick to make, perfect for a weeknight tea. The only thing you have to watch out for is getting everything ready at approximately the right time, but once you've done it once or twice it'll be much easier to know which order to do things in! The best thing about this is it's so easy to customise - you can choose whichever marinades, toppings, sides and flavours you want. Yum yum yum! P.S. do you like my new heart-shaped chopping board? I spotted it on Ebay and couldn't resist!

Gillian x

Mixtape: January


January mixtape // via Spotify

Can you quite believe it's the end of January already? Christmas seems like an age ago and everything festive has been ditched in favour of something a little more melancholy. This month I have mostly been rediscovering old favourites - every time I try to look for some new music I always seem to end up at an album I already have. I guess I just know what I like, eh? There's a few new(ish) tunes on the list too though, so my quest for new music hasn't been a complete failure. What bands/singers have you been listening to lately?

Maximo Park // Hips and Lips
The Black Keys // Lonely Boy
Willy Mason // I Got Gold
Jack White // Love is Blindness
Lana Del Rey // Lucky Ones
Love and Rockets // So Alive
Regina Spektor // Fidelity
The Rolling Stones // You Can't Always Get What You Want
Dry the River // History Book
The Get Up Kids // Out of Reach
Listen to "January" here.

Sunday Summary #57



1.Edinburgh Castle on a snowy evening 2.Mermaid phone cover from Ebay 3.French Martinis at the Benefit Fine One One Event 4.Cosy 5.Testing out Rimmel Apocalips 6.#throwbackthursday 7.Saturday night's outfit 8.Scottish Bloggers Valentine's Party

It's been quite a long time since I've written a Sunday Summary with a hangover, but I can confirm that I am indeed typing this whilst lying in a darkened room and trying not to move too much. It was a bit of a last minute decision to go out last night, so I am totally unprepared for this hangover - no Irn Bru! no oven chips! Woe is me. Think I may have to do a little (large) Dominos order soon to help me recover.

Apart from going out last night, this week has been fairly uneventful. It's only the second week of term, but it already feels like I've been back at uni forever. I'm really enjoying my classes and my internship at the moment, but essay deadlines already seem to be looming and I'll have to pick a topic for my dissertation very soon. Absolutely no clue what I want to write about! I actually quite liked writing my undergraduate dissertation so I'm hoping this one will be the same, as long as I can think of a topic which I'll find interesting to research.

In slightly more exciting news, Jenn, Juliet, Lianne and I have been working away behind the scenes for the last couple of weeks to organise a blogger meetup in Edinburgh. The date has been officially set for the evening of the 23rd of February, so if you fancy coming along send a quick email to and we'll send you some more information soon. Everyone is more than welcome so just let us know if you'd like to come! We've got a few exciting things planned for the night so we would love to see as many of you there as possible - will be putting up a blog post with more details soon!

How has your week been?

Gillian x

Review: Rimmel Apocalips in Stellar


rimmel apocalips stellar review 3
rimmel apocalips stellar review 2
rimmel apocalips stellar review 5
rimmel apocalips stellar review 4
rimmel apocalips stellar review 1
Rimmel Apocalips in Stellar // £5.99

I'm usually fairly good at restraining myself when I see certain products being really hyped up in blog-world, and on the few occasions I have bought a really popular product I've usually been fairly disappointed. So, I had no intention of going out and buying any of the Rimmel Apocalips - I had seen lots of people talking about them and they looked quite interesting, but not something I was desperate to rush out and buy. The other day, however, I found myself walking past the Rimmel stand in Boots and decided to stop and give them a wee swatch. I instantly fell for the shade Stellar and as they were only £5.99 decided to live dangerously and go ahead and purchase one.

This is by no means a perfect product, and I'm not sure it deserves quite as much hype as it's getting, but it's certainly a very unique product and something I think I will use a lot. It's described as a lip lacquer, so it has the colour of a lipstick without the need for lipliner and the shine of a gloss without the annoying stickiness. I was expecting it to be a bit more like a lip stain, but I'd say it's most similar to a lipgloss. The colour doesn't really soak in to your lips (if that makes sense) so the product sits on top and transfers pretty easily. I haven't worn it on a night out yet, but I can imagine you'd probably have to spend quite a lot of time reapplying it.

I think the thing I like most about this product is the colour, if I'd chosen one of the other shades I'm not sure if I would love it quite as much. Stellar is an amazing pink-red hybrid shade - not sure how this is possible but it manages to look bright pink and bright red at the same time! The tubes are clear so the colour you see at the end is the actual product, and in the tube it looks quite pink. But once you apply it it starts to look much more like a bright red, but yet still pink - I realise I am doing a terrible job of trying to describe it and the photos really don't do it justice! The colour is really intense and pigmented, perhaps even more so than some lipsticks I own. I was worried it might be a bit messy to apply but it's actually really easy, as the applicator is really precise and it only requires one 'layer' of colour to make it this intense.

Such bright, glossy lips aren't really practical for everyday wear, however, so I've found another way to wear Apocalips without looking too over the top. By dabbing a couple of dots of the product on your lips and then blending it in with your finger, you can create a really nice matte effect which is still bright but a bit easier to wear. When worn like this, the colour lasts a lot longer too and you'd probably manage to go most of the day without any fading whereas the glossy finish disappears after a couple of hours.

Overall, I do like this product and I especially love the colour of Stellar - but it's not going to be a 'holy grail' product for me. The colour is amazingly bright, but it doesn't have the best staying power. For £5.99 you can't really complain though, so it's definitely worth a look if you're makeup shopping!

Gillian x

Review: Benefit Fine One One


benefit fine one one review 4
benefit fine one one review 3
benefit fine one one review 2
benefit fine one one review 1

Last night I was lucky enough to be invited along to the launch of Benefit's newest product, Fine One One, at the Hard Rock Cafe in Edinburgh. This was super exciting as not only were we getting to try out a brilliant new product but we were also getting to do it before anywhere else in the country - even London! We're often forgotten about up here in Scotland, so I think it's great that Benefit recognise not all bloggers live in London, and this has made me love them ten times more than I already did. Thank you so much to all the Benefit girls and the Hard Rock staff for putting on a great event, here's hoping it's the first of many! Have a look over on my Facebook page for a few photos from the night. We were treated to lots of cocktails and mini-versions of Hard Rock's burgers (yum!) and got to see a demonstration of Benefit's brow bar techniques, plus of course trying out Fine One One.

Now, on to the review itself. Fine One One* (a play on 911 for emergencies - at first I didn't know why it was called Fine One One but now it all makes sense!) is a sheer brightening colour for cheeks and lips. It's a great multi-tasker and is able to highlight, add colour and definition all in one go. It comes in an easy to use stick, and I love the sleek packaging which is perfect for putting in your makeup bag - nice and sturdy but not too big. Fine One One will be great if I'm travelling or in a rush as the one product works as a highlighter, blusher and lip colour so there's no need to cart about loads of different products.

There are several ways you can apply this product, but my favourite way that I've tried so far is just a simple sweep from the apples of the cheeks up to the temples. Making sure the pink champagne highlighting colour is facing upwards, with the sheer watermelon in the middle and the soft coral at the bottom, just glide the product along your cheeks in an upwards motion. Don't be alarmed if you end up with a bright pink streak along your face - just blend it out with your fingers and the three colours will mix together to form a gorgeous peachy-pink glow. For daytime makeup, this is enough for me, but if you have a darker skintone, or are doing makeup for a night out, then you can easily build up more of the product to create a brighter pop of colour. If you want a bit of extra highlighting, just dab a bit of the pink champagne on your finger and add it where it's needed.

Fine One One can also be used as a lip colour, and sweeping the product across bare lips gives a really pretty and subtle flush of colour. You can also use the highlighter to accentuate the cupid's bow and make your lips look nice and full. I love that Fine One One looks like a slightly different shade on the lips than on the cheeks, so your makeup tones nicely but doesn't end up looking too matchy-matchy.

As Fine One One has a cream-to-powder formula, it's best applied on top of your foundation and then you can finish with a light dusting of powder on top to keep everything in place. This is my first full day of wearing the product so I can't comment on exactly how long it will stay put for, but I applied it first thing this morning and it's now lunchtime and there are no signs of it fading from my cheeks - so things are looking good! It will probably need to be reapplied on your lips a few times throughout the day, but as it gives a sheer colour and has almost like a lip balm consistency I wouldn't have been expecting it to last all day anyway!

Overall, I absolutely love Fine One One and I definitely think I'll be getting a lot of use out of it. As someone with naturally very pink cheeks, I'm often a bit scared of blusher in case I apply too much, but with this product application is so easy and it gives such a lovely natural result that even I couldn't mess it up! Fine One One will be launched nationwide on the 26th of January, so keep an eye on your local counter or the Benefit website and snap one up soon. Definitely one to put on your wishlists, I think!

Will you be trying out Fine One One?

Gillian x

Sunday Summary #56


1.Hot chocolate 2.New boots from the sales 3.Snowy 4.Bought myself a new phone

From the looks of Twitter and Instagram, it seems that just about everywhere in the UK has been covered in snow this week. There wasn't any snow here until Friday evening then it was quite heavy for a few hours, but most of it has melted away now, boo! 50% of people seem to hate the snow and the other 50% seem to love it - I would definitely put myself in the latter group. I think it helps that everywhere I need to be is within walking distance, if I had to drive or get the train anywhere I think it would be a different story! I was going to go out for a little walk yesterday and take some nice photos of the snow, but it was starting to look pretty slushy (and I also I didn't really want to get out of bed) so I didn't bother. I think it's meant to snow again tonight/tomorrow so might go tomorrow instead. Possibly. Or I might just stay at home and eat soup all day.

I've been thinking about buying a new phone for months, and finally gave in this week and ordered myself a Samsung Galaxy S3. I was trying to hold out until I was due for an upgrade in August, but my old phone was just too rubbish to deal with any more. I was a bit reluctant to shell out so much money for a phone, but I spent all of yesterday setting it up and testing it out and omgggg it's amazing. It loads everything so quickly and can do loads of things at once, plus the screen is so bright and sharp, and it takes really nice photos. Yeah, I basically love it. I've been downloading so many apps - mostly useful stuff but I also may have got The Sims Free Play and Nemo's Reef. Oops. Any suggestions of good apps I should download? And also any links to pretty phone covers?

It was my first week back at uni this week so I haven't really been up to much else, just getting back into the swing of things. I haven't got very many classes this semester as I'll mostly be concentrating on my internship and my dissertation. The dissertation's not due until the end of August, but I suppose I'll have to start doing the research for it pretty soon. I just started my internship at an archive this week and I'm going to be researching some material that's never been looked at before which is super exciting (well, it's probably not very exciting to you, but to me it is!).

Hope you've all had a great week, have you been off adventuring in the snow or staying tucked up indoors?

Gillian x

Review: Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre


chanel poudre universelle libre review 2
chanel poudre universelle libre review 1
chanel poudre universelle libre review 3
chanel poudre universelle libre review 4
Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre in Clair // £34

Throughout the years, I've tried plenty of different powders in an attempt to find the perfect one. It has to be pale enough for my ghostly skin, mattify without going cakey, keep my makeup in place all day, leave a natural finish and just generally be a product worth repurchasing again and again. I don't want to speak to soon, but I think I may have just found the ultimate babe of the powder world, hiya Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre! (Or, as I shall be calling it, Natural Finish Loose Powder). I've been using this for a couple of months now and so far it has lived up to all expectations, I think we're on to a winner here.

Chanel claim the powder gives a natural sheer matt finish and disguises imperfections and I think it does just that (although it's not quite so good at the latter). In the photo above, I've got powder on one side of my face and not on the other side - can you tell which is which? I think it's pretty hard to tell, which I would say is a good thing as it proves that it gives a very natural and almost invisible finish. (Sorry about the extreme closeup - it's on the left, by the way). The Chanel Loose Powder just prevents shine and evens out the complexion a little bit without adding a powdery finish or altering the colour of your foundation. I wouldn't say it was particularly good at covering imperfections, you definitely still need to use concealer - but it does a great job of setting the concealer in place so blemishes stay hidden all day. I use the Real Techniques Setting Brush to apply the powder as it's nice and small and you don't end up using too much product where you don't need it.

The length of time the Chanel Natural Finish Loose Powder stays put for is the other big plus point for me. I don't have particularly oily skin, but usually after a few hours of my normal makeup routine I need to re-powder certain areas like my nose and chin. With this, however, my makeup really does stay in place pretty much all day. I haven't needed to do touch ups during the day at all, and would only bother re-powdering my face if I was then going to be going out again in the evening. On nights out I used to apply extra powder every time I went to the toilets, but with the Chanel powder I only touch up once at the most, sometimes not at all. Amazing!

The main thing that was putting me off buying this product was the price. £34 is pretty expensive, there's no denying that. I do, however, think it's actually pretty good value for money as you get a huge tub with 30g of product which is probably going to last for years. That works out at around £11.33 for every 10g of product. The powder I was using previously was MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish Natural which is £21 for only 10g of product. So if you think about it, the Chanel one is half that price! CHEAP!

I honestly can't rave about this enough, so far I haven't found a single bad point about it. Apart from, perhaps, that the tub is too big for my makeup bag - but I've just kept a little tub from something else that was empty which I can refill if I need to. If you're looking for a powder which does everything you need a powder to do, then I would definitely recommend trying this gem out!

Gillian x

Handbag Essentials


handbag essentials 5
handbag essentials 6
handbag essentials 2
handbag essentials 3
handbag essentials 4
handbag essentials 1
It's the first day of term today and, even though I don't actually have any classes today, I always like to start a new semester by sorting out my handbag. There's something rather wonderful about writing your name on new stationery, picking out your favourite lipstick, sorting through your pens and pencils and then choosing which pockets to stash them all in. Luckily this wonderfulness has been further enhanced this year by the presence of an actual new bag, which I was kindly sent recently by Brand Village. The Crossbody Pocket Satchel Bag by DSUK is an absolute beaut, and is the perfect size for an everyday bag with plenty of pockets to carry everything around.

So, what are my handbag essentials? Aside from the obvious - like purse, phone and keys - every girl needs a diary. Whether it be a miniature organiser, a weekly planner, or a blank journal, everyone needs somewhere to write down important dates, deadlines, appointments, places to go, people to see and things to do. My personal favourite is the Filofax Metropol Personal Organiser in Raspberry. I've had mine for about 3 years now and I couldn't do without it. I love that it's durable and reusable, although it does pain me slightly having to throw out the old pages at the end of each year (I KNOW, I KNOW, what on earth am I going to do with old diaries? Why do I have a strange desire to keep them all?). There's also space to keep your pen safe (a pink one, of course!) and you can add in all sorts of extras like to-do list pages, coloured paper, sticky notes, and even tiny calculators to help you stay organised.

This brings me nicely on to my next essential: notebooks. I always have at least one notebook (usually many more) in my bag at all times. Sometimes these are essential, like if I'm going to a seminar or am doing research and taking notes for an essay, but even if I'm not doing anything specific I still like to have a notebook with me just in case I should have to write anything down. My favourite ones are Moleskine notebooks, they're quite pricey but I'm sure stationery connoisseurs will agree that they feel and look beautiful, and are rather nice to write in. This one is actually a Moleskine Pocket Sketchbook as I seem to have resurrected my teenage habit of ~jr__nal ing~ (anyone else remember that Livejournal community? Please say yes!). Related to this is my next essential. Always have lots of pens in your bag, always. Have three or four nice ones that you like writing with, preferably black as blue ink is the DEVIL, and a couple of scabby ones in case you need to lend someone a pen - they never give them back, do they?

Next, you need a good book in your bag for all those train journeys, bus rides, waiting rooms, boring lunch hours, or those times your friends said they would meet you at 5 o'clock but in fact they LIED and didn't turn up until after half past. At the moment I'm re-reading an old favourite, The Secret History by Donna Tartt. As the semester progresses, books like this will no doubt be replaced with less exciting uni-related books, but at the start of term there's always a novel or two lurking in here.

A little makeup bag with a select few items is another must for every girl's handbag. I try not to carry too much makeup around with me, so usually just stick to a little powder for touch ups, something to put on my lips, and a nice wee mirror in case I need to do a sneaky check-up in the middle of nowhere. The lip products will change day-to-day, but a favourite combination at the moment is a slick of Rose Petal Salve from Rose & Co. Apothecary to prep my lips, followed by some of MAC's Creme in Your Coffee lipstick (which I did a review of the other day, too).

And finally, my bag is never complete without some sort of protection against the weather. When it's cold, a pair of woolly gloves. For the rain, a folding umbrella. If it's a sunny day, sunglasses are a necessity. Living in Scotland, however, means it's quite often necessary to have all three in my bag at once! These cute Primark mittens are very useful at the moment as it's pretty chilly, so they're tucked away at the bottom of my bag whenever I'm not wearing them.

What are your handbag essentials?

Gillian x

Sunday Summary #55


1.Bookshelves 2.Baby Moss 3.Blogging in bed 4.Chocolate 5.Snoozing

Ahh, aren't Sunday's just the best? It's almost three o'clock and I still haven't got out of bed - oops! In my defence, I have been busy replying to emails, catching up on blog designs and writing blog posts, so I think it's allowed. Plus it's cold so it makes much more sense to stay in bed with a hot water bottle rather than switch the heating on, right? Right.

I was at home for most of this week so did pretty much nothing apart from play with the dog, watch daytime TV and drink wine. I also managed to catch up on more than my fair share of sleep, and read a few books which was nice as I don't usually have time during term-time. The new term starts tomorrow, although it doesn't seem very long since the last semester ended. I'll have another month off please! I start my intership this week too which I'm looking forward to, fingers crossed it all goes well.

When I was at home, my mum was sorting through all the old pictures on her phone and came across one of Moss when he was about 8 or 9 weeks old. OMG TOO CUTE, I can't even deal with this. Look at his little face! He still seems like a puppy to me, although he'll be two years old in the summer. How time flies, eh? He still enjoys a cheeky wee cuddle on the sofa though! We've always had two dogs in my family, but at the moment Moss is an only child. My mum wants to get him a little chum this year but my dad's not so keen - I'm definitely with my mum on this one!

What have you been doing this week?

Gillian x

Wishlist: Comfy & Cosy


cosy wishlist
1.Knitted Crystal Sweater 2.Geo Stripe Sweat Dress 3.Black Jacquard Panel Army Jacket 4.Foxy Capped Glove 5.UGG Australia Fabrizia Boots 6.Two Tone Zigzag Snood 7.Jersey Trousers

For lots of people, January means a fresh start, a time for organisation and new exercise regimes, but for me it means becoming some sort of slug creature and only leaving the house when absolutely necessary. For the last few weeks pretty much all I've worn is pyjamas, and clothes seem to be a bit of a distant memory by now. I'm going to have to head back into the real world next week once uni starts again, but I will be attempting to wear things as close to pyjamas as possible. Lots of slouchy jumpers and leggings and absolutely nothing with a belt. This wishlist might as well be called "things which are mega unflattering" as, no doubt, they will all make me look like a sack of potatoes. At the moment, however, I just DO. NOT. CARE.

The Topshop dress is probably the thing I'm most likely to buy from this wishlist. It's made of sweatshirt material so would be really comfy, but it has a nipped in waist and fitted top half to make it look like I've actually made some effort. I really like the pattern on it, but I'm slightly worried the colour of it would be too close to my ghostly pale skin! I think it would look great teamed with a deep coloured snood and a pair of chunky boots. I was very close to ordering these boots the other day, but I think I want to go and try them on in the shop first. Who knew UGG did such nice boots?

I quite fancy a slouchy army style jacket as my winter jacket is quite formal looking. I really like this navy one from River Island but I'm concerned that it might be a) hideously unflattering on me and b) not warm enough for Scottish winters.

I have been wanting a pair of joggers for ages but haven't got round to buying any yet. These H&M ones seem pretty good and cheap, so I'm sure they'd do the job nicely. I wouldn't wear them outside, OBVS, but they would be great for lounging round the flat. If I'm not going out I won't bother getting dressed just to sit around the house (why do people do this? PYJAMAS RULE.) and usually as soon as I get home I change into a hoody and leggings. I think joggers (or sweatpants if we're being posh) would be a bit warmer and marginally more presentable than leggings, maybe?

What's on your wishlist at the moment?

Gillian x

Review: MAC Creme in Your Coffee Lipstick


mac creme in your coffee lipstick review 1
mac creme in your coffee lipstick review 2
mac creme in your coffee lipstick review 3
mac creme in your coffee lipstick review 4
mac creme in your coffee lipstick review 5
MAC Lipstick in Creme in Your Coffee // £14

A few weeks ago I treated myself to a couple of MAC things with some of my birthday money and this lipstick was one of the products I bought. I hadn't heard much about Creme in Your Coffee in the blogging world, but for some reason the colour caught my eye and I decided just to go ahead and buy it. I'm definitely glad I did, as I have ended up wearing it so much recently. It's the perfect daytime lipstick and it has become a staple in my makeup bag.

MAC describe Creme in Your Coffee as a "creamy mid-tone pink brown" and I think that's pretty much spot on. It looks like quite a deep browny shade in the bullet, but when applied it is more of a dark rosy pink colour. I imagine that on some people this could actually look like quite a dark shade, but on me it could almost be described as a deep nude. For me, this really is a "your lips but better" kind of lipstick! I love that it isn't too overpowering but it does give a definite, solid colour - which is perfect for daytime makeup.

As with all MAC lipsticks I've tried so far, I've found the formula easy to work with and relatively long-lasting. It's a Cremesheen lipstick so it has a really creamy formula (I'm the best at descriptions, eh?) with really pigmented colour and a slight shine. I didn't find the lipstick particularly moisturising, but then again it wasn't drying either so no complaints!

Overall, I really love Creme in Your Coffee and I think it's a MAC lipstick which deserves a lot more attention. As someone who doesn't really suit pale nude lipsticks, I will definitely be reaching for this slightly deeper shade whenever I need a neutral lipstick.

Have you tried Creme in Your Coffee?

Gillian x

Sunday Summary #54


1.Hogmanay fireworks 2.Walking the dog at the beach 3.Sea 4.Recent reading material 5.NYE outfit 6.Out for dinner and the theatre 7.Dirty Dancing the musical

How is it Sunday again already? This week seems to have flown by. Luckily, as one of those lazy studenty types, I haven't had to worry about going back to work quite yet - I've got another week of lazing around before it's back to normality. Hope you all had a great New Year's Eve, did you go out or stay in? This year was the first time in ages that I bothered doing anything for Hogmanay and I had such a good time, so glad I made the effort this year! A few friends came over to the flat for drinks and then just before midnight we headed round the corner to the Bruntsfield Links to watch the fireworks from Edinburgh Castle. I'd had quite a bit to drink by this point so my photography skills were not up to standard, of about 50 photos only 2 or 3 were actually in focus! I also took a video of the fireworks but obviously forgot that cameras also record sound as you can hear me cackling and singing Auld Lang Syne rather loudly in the background - horrific. After the fireworks, we went out to a club and finally crawled home at about 5am. The weird takeaway downstairs from the flat seemed to be the only place in Edinburgh which was open, so we of course had to get some spag bol on the way home.

The whole of Tuesday was spent in bed, attempting not to move too much and to drink as much Irn Bru as humanly possible. By Wednesday I was back on form, however, and got myself all dolled up to go out for dinner and then to the Playhouse to see Dirty Dancing. I love Dirty Dancing (who doesn't) and the soundtrack is probably my favourite part, so a stage musical version of it was totally dreamy. It was an absolute cheese-fest but I loved it, it's on for another week in Edinburgh so if you're a Dirty Dancing fan I would definitely recommend it!

As for the rest of the week, things have been pretty quiet. As I've got another week of holidays left, I got the train back up to my parents' house on Friday to take advantage of home comforts for as long as possible. Yesterday afternoon we went to the beach to take Moss for a walk. Sadly he wouldn't sit still long enough to take a nice photo - he was far too busy chasing his rugby ball! - but the sky was looking quite pretty. Ma and pa and the dog are away out again today, but I am tucked up in bed watching TV and catching up on blogging - I've had my share of exercise for the week!

How has your first week of 2013 been?

Gillian x

Outfit: Red Dress


matalan red dress 2
matalan red dress 5
matalan red dress 1
matalan red dress 3
matalan red dress 4
Dress: Matalan
Boots: Primark
Necklace: Dorothy Perkins

Hello everyone, and happy new year! I failed to take any pictures of my actual NYE outfit, so here's my first outfit of the new year instead. Matalan is not a shop I usually go to as it's not in the city centre so I always forget about it, but I had a voucher to spend so made the effort to go a couple of weeks ago. One of the things I got was this dress, which was a total bargain at £10. My wardrobe seems to be lacking in nice casual clothes at the moment, so I thought this dress would be perfect with some ankle boots and a cosy jacket for a daytime winter outfit. I'm trying to wean myself off wearing black all the time and this dark red floral print is a good stepping stone towards - shock horror - wearing bright colours.

These boots have done me well (I think they must be about 6 or 7 years old by now) but sadly they're looking a bit worse for wear now. I've had a hunt through the sales online for a replacement and I quite like these Office boots, may have to spend some of my Christmas money on a pair! I also want a slightly sturdier pair of boots for days when the weather is not so nice - perhaps something like these? Have you found any nice shoes in the sales?

Gillian x