Sunday Summary #53


1.Chocolate reindeer 2.Sunset 3.Roast dinner 4.Listening to The Shins records 5.Christmas breakfast of bucks fizz and bacon & maple syrup waffles 6.Alternative Christmas dinner - sirloin steak and all the trimmings 7.Quesadillas at Giraffe 8.Home

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you've all been enjoying the holidays. Things have been rather quiet on the blog/Twitter front this week as I've been busy eating, drinking and generally just being merry. I was back at my parents' house for Christmas and my grandparents were visiting too, so we just had a pretty relaxed Christmas and didn't really do anything remotely exciting. It has been so nice to sit and do absolutely nothing for a few days, and catch up on sleep, reading books and my backlog of blog designs. I'm going back down to Edinburgh this afternoon for New Year celebrations - not entirely sure what the plans are yet, but as long as there are plenty of drinks and some lovely chums then I'm sure it will be a successful Hogmanay.

Apart from various friends and family visiting and eating a disgusting amount of food, I really haven't done much since last week's Sunday Summary. On Friday afternoon I went into Aberdeen with Morag and had a look round the shops, but I didn't buy anything apart from napkins and some Christmas decorations in the Paperchase sale for next year (HOW BORING). We were both hoping to find a new dress for Hogmanay but there was absolutely nothing worth buying. I quite fancied something with sparkles and sequins but couldn't find any nice party dresses, so I suppose I'll just have to dig something out of my wardrobe instead! As there were no bargains to be had, we consoled ourselves with lunch in Giraffe, yum yum yum.

Hope you've all had a great Christmas, what are your plans for New Year?

Gillian x


  1. Those waffles look amazing :) Glad to hear you had a nice Christmas x

  2. Glad you had a nice Christmas. I think everyone has been a bit quiet on the blog front over the festive period! Myself included!

    Leanne @ xx

  3. Aha, gorgeous photos!! I agree, the sales were dire this year, so I don't blame you for being boring!!
    Looks like you had a nice relaxing week tho!!

  4. Beautiful sunset and Lindt is my favourite chocolate!
    Belated merry x-mas ^^

  5. Lindt is the best chocolate! :) hmmm xxx

  6. It's a shame you didn't find much in the sales!

  7. That sky looks lovely - as does all the food!
    I've had a rather uneventful week too which has been AMAZING :D

    Rosie x

  8. Buying decorations a year early is pretty organised! I'm tempted to do it... but I know I won't! Glad to hear you've had a relaxing time, hope you carry that feeling into 2013.

  9. Awww I hate not finding all the things in the sales. Prob for the best. I thought I hadn't found everything and then boom - 3 new pairs of shoes. OOPS. Can't wait for the glasgow paperchase, have missed having one hard. x

  10. I found a dress on Sunday in River Island! It has sequins and a bow! It pretty much screams Christmas! I look like a present(at least that's what I tell myself...)

  11. The holidays are full of copious amounts of delicious food, aren't they? I feel like I've eaten enough sweets to kill a moose these last few weeks. Relaxed holidays with the family can be so great. I'm sure you found a fabulous look to rock for NYE, you'd look gorgeous no matter what you wore. Happy 2013!


  12. Glad you had a lovely Christmas & Happy New Year too! I was really disappointing with the sales this year too & it seems everyone has been as well, I was so looking forward to them but I guess at least my bank account will be happy! ;)


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