Sunday Summary #52


1.Decorations 2.Christmas 3.Star light 4.Steak teriyaki soba at Wagamama 5.Train to London 6.Dinner at The Diner 7.Burritos at Chipotle 8.Watching Die Hard 9.Birmingham Christmas Market 10.Flying home

Can you believe this is my 52nd Sunday Summary post? That's a whole year since my first one! Time really does fly. I feel like I've done loads of stuff this year but looking back, apart from graduating, nothing very momentous has happened!

This week has been pretty busy, I was down in London and Birmingham at the start of the week, which you can read all about here, then had a bit of socialising to do in Edinburgh, and then on Friday I travelled up to my parents' house in Aberdeenshire for Christmas. With essays and uni work deadlines, and then all this travelling around, it seems like I've been going non-stop for the last couple of weeks, so it's nice to be able to sit around all day in my pyjamas reading books and watching TV. I always usually over-pack for coming home during the holidays, but this year I've admitted to myself that I won't be doing anything and so have only packed pyjamas and one proper outfit in case I need to go outside!

I wasn't feeling particularly Christmassy until I came home, but now I'm in total holiday mode. My mum's Christmas tree beats the sad little fake one in my flat any day, tasteful Christmas decorations are definitely her strong point! There's nothing like walking into the house and getting the smell of pine needles. I've also been doing my fair share of eating since I got home (although to be fair, some of it has been healthy - clementines are always a festive fave). We're not actually having a roast dinner on Christmas Day but we are having one tonight for some reason - no idea why, my family are insaniacs - so I'm looking forward to that. I do like roast chicken, but my favourite part is definitely all the stuff that goes with it. Especially roast parsnips, aahhh I could live off those!

My family don't really do presents in a big way as we never know what to buy each other. I like buying presents for people if I know exactly what to buy them, but if I don't it's just so stressful - so not having to do Christmas shopping suits me just fine. As long as I get a packet of Percy Pigs in my stocking, like I have done for the last twenty years, then I'll be happy! Have you finished all your Christmas shopping?

What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x


  1. The wagamamas looks so good! Hope you have a great xmas :) x

  2. your photos are absolutly beautiful, hope you have a lovely christmas xxx

  3. love those decs!! We always do a roast on xmas day but in cormwall we always do it on xmas eve! odd, huh?! But I do love a good roast parsnip!

    Have a very happy xmas!

  4. It's Chritmas today! I hope you are having amazing time with your family and that you found some Percy Pigs in your stocking. I have never tried these because you can't get them here but I bet they are awesome :)x

  5. Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

    Maria xxx


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