Sunday Summary #51


1.Russian Red 2.Christmas tree earrings 3.Primark winter supplies

The eagle-eyed among you may notice that this looks like only half a week's worth of photos, and that's because it is. I'm actually writing this on Thursday night but have scheduled it to go up on Sunday. I've made it almost a whole year without missing a single Sunday Summary post, so didn't want to fail on the second last one! As you're reading this, I'll probably be somewhere between London and Birmingham. Once I'm back I'll do a proper post about my adventures, but it's basically just a mini holiday to visit some chums and an excuse to eat and drink a lot. Remember to follow me on Instagram if you want to have a sneaky look at what I've been doing the past few days. I'm going to be in Birmingham for the next couple of days so if you have any suggestions of restaurants, pubs, shops or just general fun things to do then please let me know!

As for the rest of my week, on Monday I got all dolled up to go the the Scottish Bloggers Christmas Party which was lots of fun, but sadly I couldn't get properly in the Christmas spirit until Thursday as I had my final essay to hand in. Usually I'm quite organised with essays but this year things just seemed to keep piling up and I didn't get started writing this one until the day before it was due. Despite what everyone says about students, in my whole four and a bit years of education I've never done that before and I can certainly say I'll never be doing it again. So unbelievably stressful. But it's out of the way now which is the main thing, and I can now concentrate on fun things. I'm quite excited for a few nights out soon as it has been SO long, in fact Halloween was the last time I went on a night out. CRAZY.

I've got a couple of post scheduled for next week, including a recipe for festive baking and a lipstick review, so there will be plenty to read while I'm off adventuring around England!

What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x


  1. I always stock up on winter cosys from primark when it gets cold!

    Beth @

  2. Aww, I hope you enjoy your little trip away! Russian red looks gorgeous on you, and I seriously need to get into Primark for some Winter bits, I've got my eye on those cute little fox slipper socks! xo

  3. Love your red lipstick! You should definitely check on the Birmingham German market, it looks even nicer at night and if you like it- try pimms and hot apple juice it is surprisingly delicious! Have a lovely time :) xxx

  4. Love your Christmas earrings - super cute! I've also been stocking up on thick tights and cosy socks from primark, in fact I think I brought the exact same pair as the ones in the middle. xo

  5. I really want to try those Primark super cosy tights!

  6. Those tights from primark,are fab, I also love the f21 version!
    In fact I only really shop in primark for their winter gear, just love tartan pjs!!

  7. Ah those tights are amazing aren't they! Love the lippy in the first photo xo

  8. I hope you enjoy your trip :) your Christmas tree earrings are amazing!! x


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