Sunday Summary #49


night sky
1.Night sky 2.Studying face 3.Origins order 4.Pizza 5.Fairisle Christmas nail art 6.Haggis, neeps & tatties

Sadly this has been another rather boring week in the life of me, essays have well and truly taken over. I handed the first one in on Friday, and have got two more to do before I'm finished for the holidays. I don't actually mind writing essays that much, but doing all the reading and researching for them is just SO BORING. Especially when you end up having to read books/articles you know you've definitely read before but you can't remember what they said so you have to read them again. UGH. At least I don't have any exams this year, that's always a plus!

There was a huge full moon the other night and it looked really pretty so I decided to get my camera out to try and photograph it. I had a play round with the settings and after quite a few failed attempts, and having to literally hang out my living room window - on the 2nd floor might I add - clutching onto a tripod, I finally got a few which turned out pretty nice. I was really surprised by how many stars the camera picked up because a) it's not a particularly fancy camera and b) I live right in the middle of a city. When I'm home for Christmas at my parents' house in the countryside, I think I will definitely have to borrow my dad's DSLR camera and big fancy tripod and try to take some more night sky photos. When I'm old and rich I'd love to have lots of telescopes and cameras to look at the stars with. I'm actually a little bit obsessed - I've got constellations mapped out on my ceiling with glow in the dark stars and a stargazing poster with Brian Cox's face on it beside my bed. HAHAHA. Yeah, I'm surprised I have any friends too.

I've been feeling rather festive this weekend, and gave the blog a teeny tiny makeover with a new Christmassy header. I was going to put up my Christmas tree yesterday but I got distracted and didn't quite get round to it, so I think I'll do that this afternoon instead. I will of course be listening to a festive playlist and drinking hot chocolate at the same time. Might even go crazy and bake some shortbread, who knows.

What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x

P.S. If you're waiting in the blog design queue at the moment, I promise I haven't forgotten about you! I know some of you have been waiting for ages now, but I will get on it as soon as I can!


  1. I love the new header! I'm jealous of your Origins order, I so want to try loads of it! The nails are ace too. xo

  2. Love the new reindeer and the christmas nail art :)

  3. what are neeps?! love yout nail art, nice and neat xx

    1. haha neeps is the scottish word for turnips! x

  4. The Origins order looks lovely, I'd love to try some of their products.

  5. Oh the origins order looks amazing, they are some of my fave. Also those nails are MEGA x

  6. Great post Gillian, your obsessed with Stars.. i'm equally as obsessed with programmes on sea creatures and coral YEAH WE COOL. Love the look of your Origins order :-) xx

  7. ooooh looks like you were rather busy - heard so many good things about origins too! And those nail art things aren't too shabby either! :-)

  8. The photo of the moon is just beautiful! You're so talented! xo

  9. I love the photo of the night sky, it's so pretty xx


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