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Earlier this week I was invited along to the opening of Lush's newest spa, which is located right in the middle of Edinburgh city centre at 115 Princes Street. As well as having a relaxing spa with several different treatment rooms, the new store also has a lovely shop (which is much bigger and brighter than the old Edinburgh store) stocked to the brim with all the trusty Lush favourites. I met up with Iona and we headed along together for a look around the shop, some drinks and festive nibbles, and a tour of the new spa.

The spa itself is in the basement and has been kitted out with special soundproofing and insulation to create a very cosy, relaxed atmosphere - you'd have no idea you were right next to the busiest street in Edinburgh! The spa is designed to have a 'country cottage' feel to help create a peaceful setting and put you in a relaxed frame of mind before your treatment. There are several different treatments available at the spa, all of which aim to cleanse mind, body and spirit. Some of the treatments sound a bit too hippyish for me, like The Sound Bath which uses tuning forks to clear your mind and let you listen to your 'inner voice' - hmm, I'm a bit cynical. But I guess that sort of thing does work for some people, so I can't really pass judgement if I haven't tried the treatment for myself!

Lots of the treatments do, however, sound amazing. The Synaesthesia Massage is a massage which is tailored for you using different essential oils and massage techniques according to which word you pick (peace, energised, confidence etc.), and then you are given a bubble bar with the same essential oils to take with you and relive the experience at home. The Comforter also sounded really nice, and I loved the way the treatment room was decorated with glowing pink lights, stars on the ceiling and rose-scented bubbles filling the room. The Comforter uses a hot chocolate body scrub and a 'marshmallow mattress' and cosy duvet to help you feel - as the name of the treatment would suggest - comforted and relaxed.

I'm not really a spa/massage-y sort of peson, so if I was to treat myself to something at the spa, I think I'd start off with something 'safe' like the Validation Facial. Along with your spa therapist, you get to choose any Lush products from the shop you'd like to use during the facial so the whole thing is tailor-made to suit your skin type. As well as a facial, the treatment also includes a shoulder and neck massage, and there is a rather exciting cauldron full of fruit and dry ice which you get to drink at the end.

The Lush Spa Edinburgh is now open, and there are also spas in London, Kingston-Upon-Thames, Leeds, Poole and Liverpool (opens 15th December).

Have you ever been to a Lush Spa before? Which of the treatments would you like to try?

Gillian x


  1. Aaah, I didn't even know Lush did spa's! They sound so good, although I'm not sure how comfortable I'd be going to one, I've never been to a spa before! xo

  2. This all looks rather fancy. I think they do this upstairs in the Cardiff store, will have to check it out x

  3. I'm so excited to go see this x

  4. I'm going to this TOMORROW and I actually can't wait! xx

  5. Gorgeous photos!! Not a fan of spas nor am I a fan of lush but your review makes me want to do a pampering sesh now!! XO

  6. This sounds amazing! Might have to try the leeds one out :) x

  7. I've never been in Lush Spa before but I remember that the sales assistant in one of the Lush Shops in Dublin told me about them. He was very excited about the one in our town and her made me promise that I will go there and try it :)
    It is another great post! Thank you! <3

  8. I used to work in Edinburgh Lush and they asked me along to the opening. Couldn't make it but it sounds like it was a great evening! I can't wait to check out the spa and I am a total massage type person!

  9. I was so sad I couldn't make this! Definitely do want to try it out at some point though, though I'm on the cynical train with you regarding the tuning forks to listen to your inner voice idea!

  10. I didn't even know Lush had spa's! Ooooh :) x

  11. Until now, I thought that Lush only had shops!
    I'm not a fan of spas but I am curious about this. Might pop into one in Edinburgh or Leeds whenever I get a chance. :)

    Ammy x


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