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If you read yesterday's Sunday Summary post, you might have noticed a sneaky peek at some festive nail art I had a go at creating this weekend. I perhaps shouldn't have taken such close up photos as they look a little bit rough around the edges, but I'm pretty pleased with them for a first attempt! Ladbrokes recently sent me this lovely manicure set to create some Christmas casino themed nail art, to help celebrate the launch of their Christmas games. The set included a Soap & Glory gift set with some Hand Food hand cream and Endless Glove hand mask (both of which smell AMAZING and left my hands feeling really soft), three festive OPI polishes (in the shades Alpine Snow, Big Apple Red and Gargantuan Green Grape) and a Konad nail art stamp with a casino-themed plate.

If you know me in real life then you'll know that my actual nails are a total disgrace, I'm sure all you beauty bloggers would be ashamed! Not only do I bite my nails, but they're just really small naturally - I stopped biting my nails for a while and even then they just seemed really small, I swear it's a thing. Please tell me I'm not the only one with tiny mutant nails? Anyway, in order to do the set justice (in fact, I don't think the Konad stamp would even fit on my nails!) I ordered these false nails from Ebay. They were nice and cheap and did the job perfectly - plus I think it's probably much easier doing nail art when the nails aren't actually attached to you!

I had a go at painting three different designs: a red and white fairisle print, a casino set using the Konad stamp, and a wintery snow scene. The fairisle ones took the longest to do, but I think I like them the best. I painted a base coat of OPI Big Apple Red, then painted on the design using OPI Alpine Snow. It's not very neat, but considering I only had a kirby grip and an old concealer brush as my design tools I think I did not too bad! For the second set I painted a base coat of OPI Gargantuan Green Grape then used the red polish on the Konad stamp to create the casino designs. The plate had quite a few different shapes on it but some of them worked better than others - the casino chips all turned out really well, but there was a cute set of cherries I wanted to use that I couldn't get to work at all. The instructions on the packet do recommend using a special Konad polish so maybe the results would have been better if I'd used one of those. Apart from that it was really easy to use though, even for a novice like me! For the final set I did a wintery, snowy scene by painting a base coat of OPI Alpine Snow then adding some blue polish I already had (I used two Barry M ones but I can't remember the names!) to create a gradient effect. I put a little bit of the blue polish on to the corner of a sponge then dabbed it onto the nail. I finished off with a coat of 17 Glitter Polish, some white snowflakes and a silhouette of a Christmas tree.

Which design is your favourite? Which tools and polishes do you use to create nail art?

Gillian x


  1. I LOVE anything fairisle and so I do love those nails! But the snowy scene's lush too! :)

  2. These are so good. I'm terrible at nail art! X

  3. I use Konad stamps too, I love how easy they are to use! xx

  4. Great designs - Love the blue ombre design :) x

  5. Those Christmas Tree nails are my favourite. I don't have a steady hand for nail art!


  6. Love the snowy seen, so pretty :-)

  7. Love nail art! Are the konad stamps good to use? Ive been debating buying some for ages x

    1. Yeah they're really easy - just paint the nail polish on top of the design, put the stamp on top of it and then press it onto the nail to transfer the design. I'd definitely recommend buying the special Konad polish though, I think that would make the results even better! x

  8. Awesome nailsrtyles!


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