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Tartan shirt: River Island
Belt: H&M
Leggings: Topshop
Boots: Ebay
Ring: H&M

If you watched my haul video from a couple of days ago, you might have noticed this shirt make an appearance. I've been after a nice red tartan/checked shirt for ages so when I spotted this beaut in River Island I had to have it. It was sold out online, and when I was in the shop last week it was on the 'Last Chance' rail so I ended up getting it a couple of sizes bigger than my normal size as it was the only one left. But as it's worked out, I actually think I prefer it being a bit oversized as it's nice and slouchy and comfy and means I can just wear it with a pair of leggings (oh, and it's back in stock online now if you fancy your own one!). Rolling up the sleeves and adding a skinny belt stops it from looking too tent-like.

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate these beautiful boots? I'm trying to get as much wear out of them as possible at the moment because I fear they won't be the most sensible of shoes to wear come frosty and snowy mornings! The heel doesn't look too high, but this is probably the highest heel I would wear for the daytime because, to be honest, I'm quite lazy and walking in heels takes that extra 10% of effort that I just can't be bothered to give. But on the other hand, they're not quite high enough/'dressy' enough to wear on a night out - totally contradicts what I just said I know, but for some reason walking in heels seems a lot easier when I'm very drunk?! - however, I think they'll be perfect for evenings at the pub or meals out once I don't want to wear them in the daytime any more.

Accessories wise, I've kept this outfit pretty plain as I suppose the shirt stands out on its own. I have, however, added a lovely little stag ring from H&M - got to stick with the Highland theme! All I need now is a set of bagpipes and a wee Scotty dog and I'm pretty much a walking, talking advert for Scottish tourism. This outfit is extremely relevant to the essay I'm attempting to write just now for my Scotland & Heritage class - I definitely deserve extra credit.

Are you a fan of the tartan trend?

Gillian x


  1. I love the tartan theme ( and at the moment I am obsessed with the trend :))
    I think the boots are lovely :)


  2. checked shirts are so much better oversized, and i love the colours. very wintery/christmasy!

  3. Those boots are perfect. Get in my wardrobe right now! Love the tartan too. Just feels nice and wintery x

  4. I'm loving tartan at the moment, it's marvellous! Really like your studded boots too x

  5. I'm definitely taking more than a moment to appreciate dem boots, they're so gorgeous! I love the tartan shirt on you, too. xo

  6. I really like that tartan shirt! Note to self: must wear Tartan more - I do own a tartan dress.... ;)
    Oh and that ring is a beaut. I may need to get one meself! Good ol' h&m!

  7. Love this shirt and outfit - looks so comfy. Boots are amazing!

  8. Love this shirt, you are making me want to buy a shedload of it!

    Maria xxx

  9. tartan is a beaut with black, it's so cosy and warm.
    your hair looks amazing like this by the way! you look like demi lovato so much :)

  10. I love tartan & black together so much! Also loving your boots <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  11. I love kicking back with a good tartan shirt. I have one from River Island a couple of seasons back and it's so comfy! Looks great with what you've teamed it with as well :)

    Justine xx


  12. Super Scottish :D love the shirt x

  13. loving the Scots vibe :) I NEED those boots, my plain black ones have been worn to death and need replacing so I will be getting these on payday x

  14. I love your hair it is in amazing condition. I love a bit of tartan but very rarely wear it, used to have a green tartan skirt but it no longer fits - boo! :)


  15. Very pretty, you have the most gorgeous hair!

    - Keyta

  16. I have a massive crush on your boots x

  17. I love this shirt, I practically live in tartan shirts during winter! x

  18. Got to love a bit of tartan! The studs on the collar are a nice touch :) xx

  19. I practically live in my tartan shirt at the moment! Your boots are fab :)
    Catherine x

  20. The shirt is really nice and I love your boots xx

  21. I love this shirt even more now I'm seeing it on! That ring is gorgeous too <3

  22. Love this outfit, the studded boots are amazing! Good luck with your essay writing! xx

  23. This shirt is gorgeous! you style it really well.

    Michelle x



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